Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Office Space urges Phoenix Premier Acquisitions

Choosing the right office space isn’t always as easy as it may seem and Southampton-basedPhoenix Premier Acquisitions explains how office space plays an integral part in long-term business success.

Choosing the right space for a business is no easy feat. As the business grows and its primary needs change, it’s vital that the space is able to adapt with them and continue to support high levels of productivity. Having the wrong office space can cause major issues for any business; if the space is in an undesirable area or is run down it can impact a company’s reputation and image with both clients and potential new hires. Inadequate office space can also limit productivity and morale, as it will fail to inspire workers to try their best and think creatively.

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Phoenix Premier Acquisitions, a Southampton-based outsourced sales and marketing firm are currently in the process of locating to a new office space to meet their growing needs. Due to the demand for their face-to-face marketing solutions, the firm have found themselves in a period of unlimited growth and believe the next step to successfully generating even more impressive results for their clients is to relocate to a larger office space within Southampton.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions believes there are 5 factors that business owners must consider before choosing an office space for their company.

Location, location, location

An office needs to be easily accessible, especially for companies that regularly invite clients and job candidates to their premises. Whilst office space off the beaten track may be cheaper, in the long run it could cost a company dearly as it may put off potential clients and new hires that would prefer not to travel too far out of their way.

Is there enough space?

Leases run for a long time, so it pays to think ahead in terms of planning out the space of a new office. Business owners must think about how much their company is likely to grow and whether a premises has enough scope to comfortably accommodate a growing workforce.

Longer leases

Signing a longer lease often means the rent will be at a cheaper rate and the stress and hassle of renewing is significantly diminished. On the other hand, if a new business is looking for an office space short-term whilst it gets off the ground, it’s important to hash out the details of a short lease from the outset, as the fees for leaving a lease early can be extortionate.

Natural Light

Nothing kills creativity quite like working in a small stuffy room lacking natural light. Whilst track lights serve a purpose, they can also be expensive to run and create an uncomfortable, suffocating environment. Ensuring a space has enough windows and plenty of natural light will lead to a happier and brighter atmosphere.

Have a vision

A smooth flow within an office space leads to greater collaboration and a more positive team morale, so it’s important to have a vision of how to use the space before signing a lease.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions specialises in creating, implementing and managing a range of engaging face-to-face marketing campaigns for some of the UK’s most successful brands. Through specialised events and promotions the firm interact with customers one-on-one, taking the time to learn about each customer’s needs and values. This then allows the firm to deliver a highly personalised service, which drives customer loyalty and helps their clients to receive a high return on investment.

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