Phoenix Event Marketing: Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2017

Sales and event marketing firm Phoenix Event Marketing have called upon their marketing expertise to predict what trends will rule the marketing industry in 2017.

Phoenix Event Marketing is an event based sales and marketing company located in Southampton, which offers brands unique marketing solutions that deliver significant results. The firm works closely with clients from a variety of sectors, using face-to-face marketing strategies as a platform for building more personal connections with customers and driving sales. This in-person approach has allowed the firm to become leaders in the outsourced sales and marketing industry by increasing their clients’ customer acquisition, retention, market reach and daily ROI.

About Phoenix Event Marketing:

Working in event marketing means that Phoenix Event Marketing must stay streets ahead of emerging marketing trends and changes in consumer behaviour. The firm’s success within the industry has been due to their longstanding commitment to evolving their strategies to deliver a memorable and engaging brand experience to consumers. By keeping their finger on the pulse of the marketing industry, the firm has been able to form a number of predictions as to which marketing trends will thrive in 2017. To allow businesses time to put positive changes in place and adapt to these trends, Phoenix Event Marketing has shared these key predictions.

Take things back to basics.

While there has been a lot of talk around new technology within the marketing and customer service industries over the last few years, successfully launching these technologies on a massive scale is a long way off.

As such, Phoenix Event Marketing believes 2017 to be the year of taking things back to basics. The firm thinks this is most important in regards to collecting and utilising customer data, and that the best route to understanding and gaining insight into a demographic will be meeting and listening to them directly.

Avoid a one size fits all approach.

There is nothing to be gained from treating all consumers the same, as doing so only ever builds a barrier to understanding the individuals that make up an audience. As such traditional mass marketing approaches are no longer relevant; brands need to go above and beyond to ensure customers feel truly valued and that their needs are understood.

Start with the customer.

Most of all, brands need to realise that all their marketing efforts start and end with the customer. Phoenix Event Marketing believes it can be all too easy to lose sight of this, especially when faced with increasing competition and the temptation to invest in new technologies. However, when creating new strategies, the firm are adamant that successful marketing requires only customer-centric thinking.

Phoenix Event Marketing has ensured that their 2017 in person marketing services are in alignment with these trend predictions, and are keen to help as many brands as possible launch campaigns that meet these new requirements. By continuing their commitment to delivering immersive, personalised brand experiences to customers, the firm is confident that 2017 will be a fantastic year for their clients’ brands up and down the UK.

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