Videochat marketplace launches to help those in lockdown, a new videochat marketplace, launches to help those in need of income while stuck at home during Covid lockdowns.

For example: Gardeners, vegan bakers, photographers, software developers, Yoga instructors, eco-investors, and nano-technologists are all able to add their profile to Thundre, and provide services via videochat.

Unlike online event marketplaces such as Airbnb and OnZoom which offer videochat classes, provides one-to-one videochats, leading to direct, personal advice & assistance.

Founder Paula Abrahamson experienced being trapped at home even before the arrival of Covid:

"I definitely needed Thundre back when I was a stay-at-home mom with 3 young kids under the age of 4," she said.

"The idea struck me last year: Why not make use of videochat technology so that anyone can easily earn a living while working from home? Just imagine: people posting their skills and services onto a 'videochat marketplace', so that other people can harness their help directly & straightaway. Even if those offering help are halfway across the world."

"My husband was convinced it would be a niche market. "How many people are really going to need to videochat?", he asked. Covid arrived a few months later, and now videochat marketplaces are useful for everyone."


People adding their profile to Thundre can post a link to their profile (e.g. ) on their social media to attract business, as well as being discovered on itself. is divided into two sections: a list of "presenters" providing videochat services, and a list of videochats wanted by users.

There is no sign-up fee for presenters.

Thundre avoided the 30% cut of Apple and Google's app marketplaces by using web browser technology for the videochats. This has resulted in a more competitive revenue-sharing arrangement, with Thundre taking only 10%, or a minimum US$2, per videochat.

Thundre plans to maintain presenter quality through ratings, reviews, and algorithms, rather than directly vetting presenters. If a presenter fails to satisfy a user as to their expertise or experience, the user can cancel their payment up to an hour after the videochat ends.

Thundre is available in English only at launch. Limited is a startup based in Christchurch, New Zealand, whose founders left London during the Covid pandemic.


Paula Abrahamson, Founder

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Videochat marketplace launches to help those in lockdown