VAPESTICK comes out top in independent E-Cig study

VAPESTICK, one of the UK’s leading brands for electronic cigarettes, has confirmed that its flagship product, the VAPESTICK MAX, was recently selected for inclusion in an independent scientific study funded (and conducted on behalf of) the UK’s MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).

The study was commissioned in order to examine the consistency of nicotine levels within 5 of the major e-cigarette brands on the UK market today, and the way in which they deliver nicotine to the user.

It was conducted by researchers from the ‘Tobacco Dependence Research Unit’ at the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine, Queen Mary University of London UK, and the ‘Department of Health Behaviour’ at the Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, USA

The study reported, "We selected the most popular UK brands, purchased two samples of each four weeks apart, and analysed the products for nicotine content in the cartridges and nicotine delivery in vapour."

VAPESTICK’s MAX e-cigarette delivered the best results in both categories of the study.

The ‘mean difference between batches’ of the nicotine levels found in the VAPESTICK product was the best in the tested group, at just 0.3mg difference, confirming that VAPESTICK’s manufacturing and quality controls are of the highest standards.

The results from the ‘nicotine delivery tests’ also demonstrated the high performance and quality of VAPESTICK’s e-cigarette hardware.

The MAX e-cigarette out-performed all the other market leaders in terms of its consistent delivery of nicotine.

Michael Clapper, co-founder and chairman at VAPESTICK said, "We are of course delighted with these results. These tests have shown that our commitment ECITA - our industry body, has paid dividends when it comes to the superb levels of consistency now found in our products."
The study’s authors concluded that the acceptable variations found in many medicinal products are often considerably greater than they found among the electronic cigarette products tested. They concluded that there "does not seem to be a need for any more burdensome regulation than that which already exists” – except for “age restrictions on sales to minors."

VAPESTICK has been openly calling for a mandated age restriction since its inception, and continues to want this to happen. Until that time VAPESTICK voluntarily restricts the sales of its products to those under 18 years old.

Clapper said, "The factors tested in this study are exactly what our customers are looking for from their e-cigarette, in order to successfully and permanently make the switch away from the perils of smoking. We have a dedicated research team who work hard to ensure that our e-cigarettes are made to the highest possible standards. We have always believed in the quality and performance of our products, and this study provides further indication that our assertions are well founded."

The scientific study was funded by the UK’s MHRA, who have declared their preference to regulate e-cigarettes under a medicines regulatory framework. VAPESTICK says that such a framework would be prohibitively expensive and would most likely remove the majority of the existing industry in one stroke, thus depriving consumers of the opportunity to reap the benefits of making the switch away from smoking.

The study’s authors concluded that a medicines framework would be unnecessary, It said, "There is very little risk of nicotine toxicity from major electronic cigarette (EC) brands in the United Kingdom."

Clapper added, "The existing regulations to which e-cigs must already comply, enforced by Trading Standards and others, and codified by ECITA, are sufficient to ensure that electronic cigarettes can indeed be of a very high quality, and deliver what consumers want – as this study has revealed when examining the UK’s leading e-cigarette products."

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of VAPESTICK, on Thursday 21 November, 2013. For more information subscribe and follow

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VAPESTICK comes out top in independent E-Cig study