VAPESTICK Claims Electronic Cigarette Is Not a Quit Smoking Device

The co-founder of VAPESTICK, one of the UK’s leading and most widely distributed brands of electronic cigarettes, has spoken out about the often quoted assertions (by opponents of e-cigarettes), that manufacturer’s tend to make unsubstantiated claims that e-cigarettes are to help smokers to quit their smoking habit.

Michael Clapper, co-founder and chairman at VAPESTICK said, “Any electronic cigarette company that claims these devices are for quitting smoking is missing the point entirely and doing themselves no favours at all, irrespective of any regulatory restrictions they might also be breaching. At VAPESTICK we’re happy to shout from the rooftops that the electronic cigarette is not a quit smoking device”.

“Most smokers don’t like ‘quit smoking’ devices or therapies because they are all so final. In spite of what some people might think, smokers are not fools. We are well aware of the damage we cause ourselves by smoking, but we choose to carry on regardless, because of our enjoyment of the act of smoking, and of the nicotine it delivers us.”

“Although I haven’t smoked tobacco for over 2 years now, I still think of myself as a smoker, or more accurately, as a vaper. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go through that very final process of ‘quitting’ something I’d been enjoying so much for the last 25 years of my life. In my case, I simply replaced the very dangerous habit, with one that isn’t as dangerous, doesn’t smell, and still allows me to enjoy the act of smoking almost anywhere I like. The fact that my vaping habit also saves me a small fortune compared to tobacco smoking has proved to be a huge bonus on top.”

“When I picked up an electronic cigarette for the very first time, it certainly wasn’t with the intention of quitting smoking. It was to find a way to continue to ‘smoke’ in all those places and situations where tobacco smoking had been banned. I was able to once again ‘smoke’ at work, in the cinema, around my kids, on trains, planes, bars and restaurants. It gave me my freedom back, without harming anyone around me, and it felt good. In a matter of just weeks I saw that instead of smoking my usual 40 cigarettes a day, I was only managing to fit in 5! I decided the next morning I would go straight for my electronic cigarette instead of my tobacco one, and I’ve not even considered a tobacco cigarette since. I didn’t quit smoking, I just started vaping with a ‘tobacco alternative’ instead – and that’s what electronic cigarettes are about.”

VAPESTICK claims its premium electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, that are far less expensive and can be used almost anywhere without breaching smoking ban laws. For more information about electronic cigarettes and about VAPESTICK products, visit VAPESTICK.

Notes to Editors

VAPESTICK is a UK based company that provides electronic cigarette products to adults looking for a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco. In the past two years, exponential sales growth has been achieved though a combination of product innovation, design and pricing.

VAPESTICK is a founding board member of ECITA (the European Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association).

VAPESTICK products are available online at and at Tesco, Harrods, Argos, Costco, Londis and Makro, as well as thousands of other independent retailers across the UK.


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