UK can still be home to international business after BREXIT

United Kingdom can still be THE place for international Businesses , says Mr Dehghan ,Founder And CEO of DPPM HOLDINGS.

Alireza Dehghan, Founder and CEO of DPPM Holdings and Bridge To the west and 70 more companies internationally is global entrepreneur and business man who has developed a lot of international businesses, the most notable one is BRIDGE TO THE WEST , which is the largest provider of education Worldwide with more than 533 schools .

"United Kingdom will always be Home to LOTS of international Businesses including all of mine even after BREXIT " said Mr Dehghan In a statement ."United Kingdom is the best place on Earth to start a business, specifically for entrepreneurs, there is no better place on earth to start a business, doesn't matter i there is a BREXIT, the structural type of establishing a business in the United Kingdom is one of a kind in the world from LIABILITY to taxation" Mr Dehghan added.

Mr Dehghan started all of his businesses in the United Kingdom without any investors, "I honestly owe a lot to the UK, it gave me so much flexibility to start a run my businesses, even though my business is all around the world, from the united states to Europe and DUBAI, i advise Entrepreneurs to start their business in the UK , grow it in the US." . "I hear a lot about Business in the UK after BREXIT, But from my point of view UK will stay a stronghold for businesses in the world, and don't get me wrong, Do i prefer that the United Kingdom stays in the EU, absolutely, but am i gonna leave UK or bring money out of my businesses in London ,Absolutely not." Mr Dehghan said in a separate statement.

The UK has tier 1 educated professionals, with an average wage of 35000 USD per year, while the amount is 50000 USD per year in the US, The UK offer a great taxation plan for onshore and offshore companies, while in the United states you pay way more. The UK is strategically located near Europe ,nearest Time zone to EST (New York) and also near Dubai.

UK will remain a great place to start a business,and Run one Internationally Even after BREXIT

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UK can still be home to international business after BREXIT