Turrem Group announces the launch of Hacker247 to combat Account Takeover Fraud

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London – 15th January 2019 – Turremgroup (TG), a leader in providing next generation cyber solutions, announces the launch of its Consumer Account Takeover service.

Account takeover is one of the more prevalent forms of fraud used by identity thieves. Often the customer’s information comes from data breaches. It occurs when a fraudster obtains an individual’s personal information such as an account number, password, username or social security number and changes the official contact information or adds another user to an existing account. Once this has been accomplished, the fraudster has established a window of opportunity in which transactions are conducted without the victim’s knowledge.

Consumers are more and more frequently becoming the victim of such activity and whilst there are some excellent free services out there, TG realised there was a need for a more robust and enriched protection service.

Hacker247 (www.hacker247.co.uk) is simple, robust and cost-effective for both individuals and families. The service constantly scans the dark web and surface web for breached data such as emails, passwords and other identifiable information, and reports this immediately to the consumer allowing them to change passwords or take other protective action.

Experian suggests that children are naïve to the cyber threats that face them in their “gaming bubble” which makes them the perfect victim for hackers.

Apart from the commercial side of our service, having children of our own meant we wanted to create a tool that provided some form of protection not just for individuals and their families, but for children who are often unwitting targets of hackers. Our tool brings peace of mind to parents knowing that it could help protect their children from any further harm if their children’s email has been stolen and could possibly be used in a malicious manner.

Mark Mottershead, Chief Executive Officer of TG said, “We see daily the damage that is done by hackers and cybercriminals and sometimes it is not easy for us to deal with certain situations due to the malicious nature of the attack. Hacker247 brings consumers a tool that in most cases can at least be an early warning system of a potential issue and then via our website consumers can take advice on what they should do. Account takeover has grown by over 80% in the last few years and affects everyone on a daily basis. Tools such as Hacker247 help thwart such incidents and our cyber experts are there to assist the public with further help and advice.”

About Turremgroup

TG provides managed IT and cyber protection as a service based on cost-effective deployment solutions. Our technology is a combination of partnerships with some of the world’s leading cyberthreat protection products, alongside our own intellectual property and methodology. This is an enabler for many enterprises and organisations as it allows for the quick and efficient deployment of high-level cyber protection into the internal networks of our clients. All the cybersecurity expertise required is provided by TG from its purpose-built Network & Security Operations Centre based in the UK.

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For more information, call +44 330 043 1725 or email contact@turremgroup.com

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Turrem Group announces the launch of Hacker247 to combat Account Takeover Fraud