Tired of working on your kitchen table?

Working from home became all the rage when the COVID-19 pandemic raced across the globe in the spring of 2020. While plenty of workers worldwide embraced the opportunity to work from the couch or the kitchen table in their pajamas and T-shirts, as the weeks away from the office turned into months, the struggles to match workplace productivity began to emerge. At the heart of the challenge is the fact that most living spaces aren’t built to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours; they’re built to celebrate space and light and promote relaxation and coziness.

Rather than spend a small fortune remodeling part of your home to resemble a corporate office, the innovative minds at Pith & Stem have broken the mold and developed a forward-thinking alternative to the home office that maximizes efficiency and flexibility like no product before it.

Meet DropTop.™, the world’s first remote workstation that quite literally disappears when it’s not in use. Instead of paying big money for a table or desk that serves no other function 16 hours a day, the DropTop™ folds down from a wall-mounted space behind a gorgeous piece of artwork that brightens any room when it’s not in use and instantly transforms into a well laid out workspace when it’s time for you to get down to business.

But DropTop™ is far from being ‘just’ a workstation. Its top models integrate one or two monitors into the design to form the center of the workplace experience. Below the monitors, built-in storage space keeps all of your most important workplace tools, papers, and objects of importance to keep your day running as smoothly as possible.

The Basics

With a solution for every need, Pith & Stem offers three unique ranges that are further customizable for any individual need or want. Within each model, there are three sizes available to house the ideal monitor for the visual needs of each user’s work.

All three ranges - the DropTop.™, DropTop.™ Light, and DropTop.™ Pro - offer a wall-mounted folding work station complimented by either pre-installed monitors or the space to house them. The artistic front cover that is the face of the unit when it is not in use, comes in multiple customisable finishes and colours, and can even be further stylised with a user’s own favourite photos or artwork.

Unlike your kitchen table or the love seat beside the television, DropTop.™ is ergonomically designed to promote correct posture while working. It’s custom-made hinges are strong enough to hold a significant amount of weight - they are seen doing backflips and walking all over them on their Instagram page - not what you would expect from a wall-mounted desk. Each unit is designed with Mother Nature in mind, crafted from either birch plywood or high-quality furniture boards that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - the international nonprofit organisation dedicated to responsible management of all of the world’s forests. On top of that, Pith & Stem plant 10 trees for every DropTop.™ they sell through non profit organizations in projects around the world.

Three Models, Endless Possibilities

The DropTop.™ is the popular, ready-to-go straight out of the box, plug-and-play range. They come fully pre-built, the monitors are already installed, the wiring is done, and everything you need for connectivity is set up before the unit comes home to you. Within every model, there are three sizes to pick from, based on what sort of visual look you’re going for. The Single option can support a widescreen monitor up to 29" inches, which is ideal for snug spaces like apartments and shared living spaces. The Max is the biggest single-screen choice, with space for a single screen up to 34”. If you need the power of two monitors, the Duo offers two 24” monitors for a full 48” of screen space that is sure to add dynamic quality to any workspace and boost productivity. Pith & Stem offers a wide variety of screen resolutions for all of the sizes, allowing users to pick the perfect combination for their needs.

DropTop.™ Light is built for the tech-intrepid individual who wants to do all his or her own customisation and build their work station from the ground up. It is the same DropTop.™ but arrives in need of home assembly. If you like building your stack to fit your precise needs, this is the perfect DropTop.™ for you. Use what you already have or custom select your screens, wiring, connectivity, and components to assemble the perfect control panel for all your remote work needs. These units are also very budget-friendly with prices starting at £325. 

When you’re in it for the long haul, with heavy-duty responsibilities and creative work that demands the best screen resolution around, then DropTop Pro becomes the best choice. It’s made from construction-grade birch plywood that guarantees durability and supports everything you want to use it for, a potent combination of strength and utilitarian efficiency. The monitors used in the DropTop Pro offer screen resolutions up to 5K, which offer about 14.7 million pixels - about seven times as many as in the industry standard.

Solutions Outside of the Home

While most of its users will utilize the DropTop.™ to perform remote work from their homes, that’s hardly the length or breadth of its abilities. It’s easy to envision DropTop.™ being used in hospitality environments like hotels and conference centers, where a guest needs easy access to functional technology. Business centers in hotels are usually cramped chambers with a computer or two where weary business travelers have to sneak away from their families and the comforts of their own quarters to try and steal 30 minutes on a computer terminal. Installing DropTop desks in certain rooms in a hotel would allow those properties to offer unique, dedicated functionality to the term “business traveler” without having to redesign the flow of the room itself. When hotel guests aren’t in need of the workspace, it merely folds back up into the wall as a piece of artwork until needed.


The DropTop’s form and functionality are among the incredible array of assets it brings to the table as a fully functional work solution that doesn’t take up any extra space and turns remote work into an office away from the office. 

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