Time to throw away the tile rule book!

You would imagine that something found in homes and public buildings worldwide, that’s been around for over 25,000 years, is now pretty much “fixed in place”. Well according to Crown Tiles, it’s time to throw out the rule book and revisit the whole topic!

Tiles have been serving important functions for thousands of year, primarily creating strong roofs and hard wearing floors. Many UK homes have tiled splashbacks and whole walls in bathrooms and kitchens to protect the surface from moisture. Wipe clean and hardwearing, tiles have stood the test of time due to their highly practical applications.

However, according to leading supplier Crown Tiles, those geometric marvels are now emerging as an art form and a way to stamp your own personality on your home or workplace.

In fact, some interior designers and homeowners have even transformed whole walls and floor spaces into elaborate artwork, using quality tiles as their medium of choice.

Modern tile designs and manufacturing methods mean there is a vast selection in terms of colour, size, patterns and even textures of tiles. Though some people still prefer classic tile effects and patterns, according to Crown Tiles these days “anything goes”.

This includes mixing colours – in some cases create a riot of contrasting shades – or creating a variety of different effects to make a “statement”. You don’t even have to use tiles of a uniform size, as long as they are laid professionally to maintain floor or wall integrity.

For example, laying a cascade of patterned or brightly coloured floor tiles could lead visitors along the floor. You could also use contrasting colours to “zone” off parts of the room. Wall tiles in artistic forms could replace the need for pictures to decorate rooms.

Nor are tiles only ceramic anymore. Glass, metal, stone and quartz tiles can be used to give interiors that “wow” factor. Incorporating tiles with highly reflective surfaces into your design can vary light quality and make your floor or wall appear to “move”. It can even make the pattern look different from all angles and at different times of day.

Some tile options are so tactile, you may find visitors to your home down on the hands and knees to explore!

Though the “sky’s the limit” when it comes to using tiles creatively on walls and floors, Crown Tiles also reports an upsurge in even more innovative uses. Their products have been bought to bedeck everything from garden paths to staircases, bathroom stands to table tops. Why have a personalised tile pattern only on your splashback, when you can use modern products to run the same motif on counter tops, stands and floors?

Wherever there’s a flat surface, there’s a tile to match according to Crown Tiles. And you can use them to make rooms uniquely your own.

For more hints, check out the Crown Tiles blog on this topic https://www.crowntiles.co.uk/latest-news/throwing-room-design-rulebook

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Time to throw away the tile rule book!