Time to go DeFi! Let Platinum Software Development Company create a protocol like Compound or SushiSwap for you.

The range of services offered by Platinum Software Development Company is constantly growing: recently, they introduced a Compound/SushiSwap-like protocol creation service for their customers.

DeFi is your key to supremacy

Decentralized Finance services are gaining traction in 2020, attracting millions of users. In order to integrate such technology into your business infrastructure, there’s no need to create a smart contract from scratch - you can exploit the existing DeFi protocols. SushiSwap and Compound are among the most highly demanded protocols because they render a comprehensive set of functions and offer pretty fair and transparent tokenomics models.

There’s no need to search for competent developers who work with such protocols - Platinum Software Development Company provides the whole spectrum of complementary services.

“We are well aware that DeFi services are the key to supremacy: they allow companies to attract investments from crypto enthusiasts. However, by merely copying the existing protocols, serious mistakes can happen. Firstly, none of the popular smart contracts are devoid of bugs and vulnerabilities. Secondly, you’ve got to tailor functions and reward distribution systems to meet your customers’ demands anyway.

“With over 5 years of experience in blockchain and crypto engineering, Platinum Software Development Company creates faultless smart contracts on top of existing ones. Recently, our engineers mastered Compound and SushiSwap-like protocol creation and that’s not the limit!” - said the developers of Platinum.

What is Compound?

Being one of the first decentralized protocols that appeared on the market, Compound runs on the Ethereum smart contract to enable automatic market-making (AMM) and let users deposit or loan ERC-20 tokens. So far, Compound supports Ether, Wrapped Bitcoin, Dai, Coinbase’s US Dollar Coin, Augur Reputation, 0x Token, Tether, and BAT.

By supplying their crypto assets, users can earn interest and get COMP tokens as a reward. COMP enables owners to debate, propose, and vote on all changes to the protocol. Also, COMP tokens are traded on EXMO, eToro, and Crypto.com.

Today, Compound is one of the Top-5 global DeFi protocols with assets worth over $1 billion locked in its pools. It’s highly praised for its fair APY rates, its optimal amount of supported tokens, and its comprehensive navigation.

What is SushiSwap?

Being made on top of the Uniswap decentralized protocol, SushiSwap hit the market in September 2020. It quickly reached the top of the DeFi Pulse chart, thanks to its offering of additional rewards (in the form of SUSHI tokens) to its liquidity providers.

Basically, SushiSwap utilizes the same tokenomics and reward distribution system as Uniswap: 0.3% of all transaction fees are shared among the users. They also enjoy the same range of pools.

Today, SushiSwap is one of the Top-20 DeFi protocols with a total locked token value of $245+ million. The protocol serves as a nice alternative to Uniswap, thanks to SUSHI’s token distribution model.

Bottom Line

When implementing DeFi solutions in business, it’s important to have it done by professionals. Bugs and vulnerabilities in smart contracts can put the entire project at risk, not to mention the users’ assets. Putting a strong focus on the security of smart contracts, Platinum Software Development Company creates proprietary solutions and tailors protocols to customers’ requirements. Don’t risk your safety and reputation - order professional protocol creation!

Learn more about the expertise of Platinum Software Development Company at https://platinum.fund and join us on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Weibo, and Telegram.

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Time to go DeFi! Let Platinum Software Development Company create a protocol like Compound or SushiSwap for you.