Q DeFi Rating launches MVP and welcomes DeFi community

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With so many DeFi projects emerging day by day, keeping track of every coin and pool becomes quite a challenge. Q DeFi Rating is the ultimate aggregator that streamlines data on the major DeFi platforms and gives users a complete insight into coins, pools and projects. With the official release fast approaching, the team will soon be adding a subscription service as well as QDR, the platform’s native token.

Q DeFi Rating - an unbiased view of DeFi projects

As its name suggests, the story of Q DeFi Rating started with a particular product - a proprietary, DeFi project rating methodology developed by the team. Its unique approach to DeFi project evaluation is based on three components:

  • Automated rating is based on 20+ criteria, including 24H transaction volume, average ROI, total value locked in projects, etc.
  • Token holder and liquidity provider rating allows DeFi experts and contributors to evaluate each project’s usability, profitability, activity on social media and other crucial parameters.
  • Crowd rating allows regular users to rate the same parameters as token holders/liquidity providers do.

When combined together, these factors form an objective rating of each DeFi platform. This approach encourages project teams to provide more information and increase their community’s involvement by rating their products highly.

“Transparency is the lynchpin component of Q DeFi Rating. We’d like to see the DeFi community guided by fair and credible information, not just hype. Our unique rating system lets users pick the worthiest DeFi platforms and pools, which provides safety and income in the long-term” - states the Q DeFi Rating team.

One platform to cover it all

DeFi is complicated by itself, so why not make it easier by gathering all the relevant data in one place? The key idea behind Q DeFi Rating is to help users fetch the necessary data in one click and assess a DeFi project’s profitability.

The list of services on Q DeFi Rating includes:

  • All Pools - Basic information and ratings of all the major DeFi pools, which can be sorted by volume, liquidity, time in existence and ROI.
  • CoinMarketCap - Cryptocurrency ratings and data obtained from one of the major aggregators. It helps users explore all existing coins, their price and performance.
  • DeFi Pulse - Data on major DeFi projects: locked USD, native coin price, TVL change and ratings from 0 to 5.
  • Yield Farming Pools - Explore pools for yield farming, sort them by volume, liquidity, days of activity and project ROI.
  • Farming Projects - Basic information on all farming projects (market cap, token price, rating, volume, etc.).
  • Token Sales - A list of ended, current and upcoming token sales (ICO, IDO and so on) with prices, platforms, specified blockchains.
  • Projects - Display of all popular DeFi projects, each with basic data and a rating calculated by the proprietary ‘Q Rating’ formula.
  • Research Center - Useful posts, news and insights for DeFi enthusiasts. A very useful section for beginners.
  • Terms - All blockchain and DeFi related terms and their definitions.

Also, Q DeFi Rating plans to introduce advanced subscription plans, giving users in-depth information about coins and platforms such as APY predictions, ’what-if’ scenario analyses and many other useful tools.

“Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to management of personal finances. Our major goal is to make the entire DeFi industry more comprehensive and efficient for users. Q DeFi Rating doesn’t just display numbers - it empowers users to analyze metrics for making informed decisions” - The Development Team.

QDR token - the key to limitless functionality

Q DeFi Rating infrastructure will be powered by QDR, the native token that combines utility and governance features. It can be used for buying subscription plans, using on-chain DeFi services (farming and staking), getting API access and voting.

QDR holders and stakers will enjoy additional profits and discounts. The token’s sustainability is ensured by the deflationary tokenomics model. QDR will be available for purchase on the upcoming IDO.

Bottom Line

By serving up all the important data on a single platform, Q DeFi Rating nurtures a conscious approach to DeFi asset management. Users don’t have to waste time on finding prospective coins and platforms. Instead, they can check the lists and ratings. At the same time, Q DeFi Rating will be of particular interest to experienced DeFi users, thanks to a large gamut of analytical tools: APY predictions, scenario analysis, real-time market price quotes, etc.

Q DeFi Rating is already up and running, so the DeFi community is welcome to check out its services and ratings. The subscription system and QDR token will be released soon. Project updates and news can be checked on the website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Doc Section in Notion.

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