NFT and DeFi Markets to Become Benefactors of Platinum and Phoenix Pro Club Partnership

News provided by Platinum Q DAO Engineering Company on Tuesday 24th Aug 2021

Since cryptocurrency is developing rapidly, we must (and do) strive to stay one step ahead of the competition. Despite a large number of profitable crypto projects, we occupy a leading position in the market and provide unique and contemporary services. In addition, we are endeavoring to forge and maintain partnerships with the most popular platforms and companies, like Phoenix Pro Club. This cooperation will allow our traders to better navigate the huge DeFi market and choose winning strategies for trading crypto assets.

Why have we chosen Phoenix Pro Club?

You can be a professional in trading but still have a difficult time adapting to market changes, which involves monitoring all the latest news and finding new opportunities to earn with. Even experienced traders often need the advice or help of other experts to close trades profitably. But how do you find this advice if every man in the crypto market is on his own?

Projects like the Phoenix Pro Club are designed to solve this problem and provide the necessary assistance to every trader, investor and NFT holder. The Phoenix Pro Club team has created a unique service that helps participants of the crypto market to correctly use the existing mechanisms and systems for making money.

Phoenix Pro Club is a service that facilitates cryptocurrency trading. This platform provides the necessary trading recommendations for the spot, futures, DeFi and NFT sectors. Thanks to this service, traders can use the experience of other experts when making a decision about opening a trading position, having received a signal via their accounts.

Phoenix Pro Club can also help users in managing their assets, investing and studying the crypto market, as well as providing opportunities for investing in DeFi and NFT projects that are reviewed by the team. In addition, crypto investors can receive the latest news about the latest airdrops and giveaways.

Raise your game in the crypto market together with Platinum and Phoenix Pro Club

The Platinum team expects that this partnership will help new and experienced users to better explore the crypto market, open profitable transactions and learn how to manage crypto assets. Trading on centralized exchanges and the DeFi market, using NFT technologies and taking advantage of the latest airdrops is what users of our products can expect!

“If you want to make someone rich, it's not enough just to give them money – you need to teach them how to earn it! This is exactly what we want to do for our users. In addition to creating high-quality and effective mechanisms for trading, our team wants to contribute to the development of the DeFi market. The guys from Phoenix Pro Club have created a unique service that will allow new and professional investors and traders to adopt the experience of experts in the field of trading, monitor promising projects and also help them choose the best projects for investment. Our joint efforts will allow us to teach crypto users everything we know about DeFi trading as well as help them get the maximum profit from working on the crypto market” - Platinum co-founder Anton Dziatkovskii.

About Phoenix Pro Club

Phoenix Pro Club is a service that facilitates cryptocurrency trading by offering trading recommendations for the spot, futures, DeFi and NFT sectors. The Phoenix team tries to improve its level of competence on a daily basis so that it can help both beginners and pros get the most out of the cryptocurrency market.

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About Platinum

Platinum Software Development is a team of developers specializing in creating software for DeFi projects. For more than 5 years, they have been developing trading solutions, staking mechanisms, analytical tools, etc. At the moment, the team is working on several crypto projects that have already earned the recognition of investors and influencers.

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NFT and DeFi Markets to Become Benefactors of Platinum and Phoenix Pro Club Partnership

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