‘Through puddles - to cultures’. 1 year photo-project in seasons.

Puddles – natural magic trick for our mind: we see usual things, but everything reversed/reflected: you discover there Fantasy Spaces, like Tolkien’s.

Our culture is always being reflected in puddles: buildings, people, meanings, emotions, time - we look in the oldest magic mirror made of water.

Very special visual voice. It is unique and ordinary at the same time. We see (and don’t notice) it every rainy day.

We look now at reminiscences. Once we saw puddles-as-real-magic in very early childhood.

Childish game of inventing – to study, to create a new reflected world and yourself inside.

Stereo spaces in one puddle-picture. These puddles-photos have very special ‘depth of sharpness’- it is divided into two spaces. It is a new dimension of sky. Just enlarge one and check the details.

1 season – is one of several. This Universe is huge and alive, like ocean. First glance before hunting high and low.

Every picture has its own Number in Season + Time when it was shot.

In terms of pop-culture, this project is a kind of ‘Alice’ in puddle photography). Lots of people can discover their own reality in puddles: outstanding buildings over the world, through New Puddle Dimension.

  • Email - sskovalenko@gmail.com

Serge A. Kovalenko: www.SKOVALENKO.ru

Moscow based photographer, specialty – work with idea.

UAL LCF London ‘2010, MA in fash. photography,

MSU by Lomonosov, journalist dep. ‘90-98, St Albans sch ‘89. BBDO, PR, adv. creative, photography.

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‘Through puddles - to cultures’. 1 year photo-project in seasons.