Things You Need to Know About Biodegradable Paper Cups Today

Are you one of those people who feel guilty about using disposable cups? You are not alone in this, and you have a good reason for it. Your morning coffee should you conquer the day, and not cause damage to the planet. The best approach is to drink from a cup that is environmentally friendly and support coffee shops that use them. The manufacturers of these biodegradable paper cups should also receive praise because they are doing their part in helping to protect the environment. You will know more things about biodegradable paper cups here.

What to Look for in Their Materials

There are a lot of variations that you need to look for in the materials. Make sure to check if the material they use is FSC certified because that means the timber is from a trustworthy source, it has recycled components, or it is made from bagasse which is a bi-product of sugarcane.

After that, you must check if they have a plastic lining or PLA in case it is waterproof. That means they are not going to decompose, even the PLA material.

Biodegradable Property

Since there aren’t enough recycling facilities made for paper cups and reusable consumers are not so common, biodegradable paper cups are the solution. That is because there is already a network of facilities for composting and reduced significance that liquid contamination carries. However, these cups should be disposed of properly so they will not create more problems.

To make sure that they reach a composting facility, they should be disposed and segregated in a collection of food waste. This is a huge obstacle that is surrounding biodegradable paper cups – making sure they reach are brought to a plant where they are properly processed.

Not All of Them are Only Made of Paper

Even if paper is biodegradable and compostable, not all of them are great for the environment because a lot of today’s paper cups are coated with plastic. The reason behind for this is it makes them leak-proof, and that negates its ability to be recycled.

In addition, the printed paper cups of today are usually combined with chemicals which potentially cause harm to the environment. There experts who suggest that the coatings of these paper cups with plastic coatings might even cause a risk to human health.

However, there are some that collect plastic-coated coffee paper cups with their compost. This way, the plastic is separated and from the cup and gets screened off. There is a benefit of having the ability to compost paper fiber, instead of just putting it in the landfill.

Aside from that, citizens will be encouraged to compost if they can use the carton for composting. The amount of plastic is very small, making the paper cups 80 to 95% compostable. It is a matter of people following the policies in place.

They Do Not Contain Toxins

Even if biodegradable paper cups contain a plastic coating, there is a new kind of technology that makes it possible to recycle bio plastics. These are made from sugar canes, trees, corn, and plants. This kind of product can easily be broken down into its constituent parts through time while using biological organisms which the earth fully absorbs. Aside from the ones that are produced using potato starch, majority of bioplastics contain no allergens. This is will subsequently make the environment better, and eventually stop the production of chemical fertilizers that use unsustainable means.

Throwing Biodegradable Paper Cups

The coffee cup might be recyclable, but majority of them that have a plastic lining are expensive and hard to reprocess. A lot of waste management facilities will consider it as trash. In case you want to put these cups with the recyclables, they could contaminate other materials. Consumers will not know if the cup is lined, so it is best to dispose of it. Consumers can check if the local recycler possesses a special equipment that can handle coffee cups. There are some that do.

Your area might be recycling plastic lids; make sure to check what number is written inside against the local recycling guidelines where you live.

In Case they have Compostable Liners

The boxes or cups that have a compostable liner would have to be brought to an in-vessel composter. They need to be processed there, but it is hard to ensure that after they have left your premises. In case these items go to a landfill and do not get incinerated, they could produce methane, and this is a dangerous gas.

Biodegradable Paper Cups Helps Improve Brand Image

Sustainable paper cups offer environmental, economic, and social benefits, but they are also protecting public welfare, the environment, and health.

The public that is more aware about the environmentally friendly items will look for businesses that observe sustainability for the environment. There are more consumers today that have stopped patronizing businesses and products which do not practice environmental sustainability in producing their items.

By adopting biodegradable paper cups, your company’s public image will improve and boost sales. Nowadays, most consumers prefer to have lifestyles that are friendly to the environment. One major factor in this lifestyle is to use green products. Choosing to use green products tells people that the company wants a sustainable environment and specifically targets those who are into green living.

While there is more emphasis on lifestyles that are environmentally friendly, there are more consumers that no longer buy products from companies that use non-biodegradable packaging. Business owners of food and beverage establishments can improve their sales and profit by targeting consumers who are environmentally conscious by switching biodegradable cups or packaging.

The composting practices of today is very similar to how recycling was done in its early stages, before infrastructure and efforts of public education were made. Therefore, it is important to find out what the composting facility in your area accepts and refuses. By doing so, you will know how whether your effort is going somewhere or not.

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