The UKs Newest Crush

Natural Tile Company announces exclusive distribution of Crush 100% Recycled Glass Tile from Fireclay Tile

With the ever-growing demand for unique, sustainable design materials in the UK, Natural Tile Company is proud to announce its partnership with one of the leading U.S. sustainable tile manufacturers, Fireclay Tile and its distribution of the environmentally conscious

Crush has captured the world of tile, sustainability, and interior design since its initial launch in the U.S. last year. Crush is grown from right within Fireclay's local environment, and the result is a glass tile line that is unique, sustainable, and stunning. The name "Crush" stems from the fact that Fireclay sources the raw waste glass from within 15 miles, crushes and processes the glass in their local San Jose, California manufacturing facility, and then transforms the material into stunning recycled glass tile. The color names are inspired by natural elements (Poppy, Ash, Habanero, etc), mimicking the organic nature of Fireclay's localized sourcing and production of Crush.

"We are thrilled to be working with such a fine manufacturer," commented James Gage, the founder of Natural Tile Company. "Tile showrooms throughout the UK have been very excited about the product, and we are looking forward to introducing Crush to the general public at the Homebuilding and Renovating show later this month. Crush is an exceptional product."

Crushing It
Since launching Crush, Fireclay Tile has successfully up-cycled over 35,000 Kgs. of glass from its local environment, turning a once waste material into beautiful, sustainable tile for interiors and exteriors. Every square foot of Crush weights just over 18 Kgs, and 99.5% of the product is 100% recycled glass from pre-consumer recycled window panes and solar glass. Fireclay Tile collects the glass from just 15 miles away from the largest window cutter and solar manufacturers in Northern California. Fireclay Tile's goal is to offset over 1 million pounds of glass within the next 3 years.

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Crush sets itself apart from other recycled glass tiles because it is:
- Designed & Manufactured in the United States
- Sold in the UK through Natural Tile Company
- Recycled pre-consumer glass sourced from within 15 miles of Fireclay's manufacturing facility
- Proprietary glass fusing technology paired with state-of-the-art kiln firing results in recycled glass tiles that take less than one-fourth the energy of traditional cast-glass tile

Natural Tile Company will be stocking Crush in 8 different colors in 3 sizes and the product will be sold throughout UK tile showrooms. Crush will be on display at the Southern Homebuilding and renovating show starting 30 June - 1 July. Come check out our newest Crush at!

About Natural Tile Company:
Natural Tile Company imports tile from around the world, bringing innovative, sustainable and stunning new tiles to the United Kingdom design market. Founded in 2011 by James Gage, Natural Tile Co. is headquartered in Norfolk, UK. Natural Tile Co. specializes in importing and introducing exclusive new tile designs to the UK market.

Natural Tile Company products are available through 10 dealers throughout the UK. To learn more about natural Tile Co. and its full line of products visit

About Fireclay Tile:
Founded in 1986 by its Chief Ceramicist, Paul Burns, Fireclay Tile ( makes the highest quality, most durable and aesthetic hand-made ceramic and glass materials that are unique, affordable, and "green." The company is based in San Jose, CA where it manufactures and sells its products including Debris Series Recycled Tile, Crush Recycled Glass Tile, Vitrail Series, Claymonde Ceramic Sheets, Glazed Thin Brick, and its Express Series Quickship Tile. Since inception, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the ceramic industry, and today the company is proud to be sold nationally in over 130 tile and eco-friendly showrooms and be used by some of the most well respected brands including Whole Foods Markets. In addition, all products are LEED compliant and contribute to LEED's construction credits. Fireclay Tile's manufacturing efforts are also being supported by a grant awarded by the California Department of Conservation. Fireclay Tile aims to be a triple-bottom line company and ensure we take the environment into account in every decision we make and offer all of our employees a fare wage and benefits. To learn more about Fireclay Tile, please visit the company at


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