The Power of Praise and Reward – Fortitude Plethora takes a deeper look

Since opening in August 2014, Fortitude Plethora has worked hard to provide quick and easy marketing strategies within an eclectic range of sectors, focusing on Finance, Beauty, and Telecommunications. At the core of their business is the belief that their clients and employees should be placed at the forefront of every decision. This focus on people and relationships stems from Toni Stewart's (the managing director) interest in psychology and the impact that one's mindset has on their decisions in the professional environment. This concentration on considering people and their mindset is clearly reflected in the way Fortitude Plethora treat their own employees.

About Fortitude Plethora:

Fortitude Plethora prides itself on rewarding hard work and has recently discussed the importance of praise and reward on the spirit of their workforce. The choice to reward their top performers with a trip to an important business and networking event in London demonstrates this commitment. The event, held at the Park Plaza County Hall brought together the UK's most promising sales and marketing professionals, offering them advice and inspiration on their professional journeys.

This event has prompted Fortitude Plethora to discuss the power of reward and why it is so fundamental to small businesses. It is no secret that reward and praise make people feel good. However, the feelings of pride, pleasure and increased self-esteem are relatively short lived. Consequently, a workforce that receives consistent rewards has been shown by a range of researchers to lead to a more efficient, productive, and engaged workforce. Fortitude Plethora has in recent discussions highlighted two key reasons why a consistent reward structure is so essential to small business.

Innovative thinking – Research has shown that that feel good feeling prompted by dopamine release contributes to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. Plethora argues that this is essential to running a small business, as the start-up environment is in a state of constant flux, requiring workers to think often up new and creative ways to achieve their goals.

Positive employees = Positive customer feedback – Research has also shown that a positive workforce receives higher satisfaction scores from customers. This has been highlighted as a key point by Plethora, as they argue that reputation management is essential to the rate at which small businesses grow.

Following these discussions, Fortitude Plethora is looking to continue consistently rewarding their employees with praise and rewards to make sure their workforce has the best mindset possible.


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