Fortitude Plethora Shares Big Picture Thinking

In recent talks with young sales and marketing professionals, Fortitude Plethora has voiced why as a firm they are committed to bigger picture thinking, and how this is preparing them for their greatest business trip of the year.

About Fortitude Plethora:

Based in Manchester, event marketing firm Fortitude Plethora offer clients an outsourcing event marketing solution. Brands come to Fortitude Plethora to increase their market share and build a large and satisfied customer base. The event marketing firm uses face to face interactions and in-person communications to ensure the consumer buying experience is positive from start to finish.

The company's CEO Toni Stewart recently spoke about how one single thought is all it takes to separate the successful from the unsuccessful. This thought (or way of thinking) is cultivated and can grow over time, transforming one's thoughts into a big thinking mindset without limitations.

‘To become a big thinker, you must incorporate the habit of thinking big into every aspect of your life - this includes your personal life as well as your business life' explained Toni Stewart, entrepreneur, and CEO of Fortitude Plethora. ‘If you want to be successful, you need to think big about everyday tasks, ways to overcome challenges and obstacles, life goals and how you can contribute to the lives of others. Plus, thinking big requires thinking outside the box and creatively so that you can be a step ahead of your competition and transform your professional and personal future' continued Toni Stewart.

This big picture thinking has helped the firm to consider how to drive their results in the upcoming months; which has led to the proposed travel plans to Australia for a business trip to attend the country's annual sales and marketing gala. Thinking big now could lead to forging strong connections with top industry professionals in Australia. And since the firm has significant plans for the future regarding expansion opportunities, the chance to network with successful entrepreneurs in a different country will be hugely beneficial and an exceptional learning experience.



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