The power of influence according to Blu-Collab

Blu-CollabBlu-Collab is one of Cardiff’s most exciting outsourced sales and event marketing firms and to maintain their fresh and innovative approach to business, the company regularly reflects on some of the influential factors that contribute to success.

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In a statement released by the firm last week, Blu-Collab’s Managing Director, Ryan Caramba-Coker discussed the power of influence on an individual’s actions and success. Mr Coker also shared some of the steps he is encouraging his contractors to take to attract positive influences into their lives.

Mr Coker stated, “Growing up I would have considered myself an easily influenced person, and I was told many times that this was a bad trait to have.”

However, contrary to the popular phrase “don’t be easily influenced”, Mr Coker explained that there are two valuable reasons why he believes that it is wrong to abide by this mantra.

First of all, every person is influenced by life events, experiences and individuals that they meet along the way. Professional sports people cite a many other successful sports figures as their influence, while famous singers, authors and filmmakers also regularly discuss some of the key figures that influenced and inspired their decision to pursue their particular career path.

Secondly, being influenced is a good thing, providing, of course, those influences are positive and inspire growth and development.

Mr Caramba-Coker believes that external influences have a significant impact on how individual’s form their values and belief systems. He then went on to state that if individuals allow themselves to be influenced, success will eventually be a sure thing, just as long as they are seeking the right people to be influenced by.

Mr Coker explained that it could be difficult for individuals when the people they trust don’t understand some of the things they are trying to achieve. However, Mr Coker believes that everyone can change their lifestyle if they follow these four steps:

1 - Decide the lifestyle they want

2 - Find someone who has already achieved that

3 - Copy the actions they do and listen to their advice

4 - Don’t get distracted by people who haven’t achieved what they want

“I believe whatever you want to achieve can be accomplished. At Blu-Collab I actively encourage all of my contractors to write down a list of things they dream of. A vast majority of the time, they come up with things that have already been achieved by someone. It just takes discipline to fulfil a goal. Everyone has the ability to achieve what they want today. They just need to go out and get influenced!”

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