‘It’s Always Better to Take a Risk’ States Blu-Collab

Sales and marketing firm Blu-Collab has outlined in a recent statement why it is always worth taking a risk in business, and how this is the only true route to success.

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As one of Cardiff’s freshest and most forward-thinking firm’s to hit the city’s sales and marketing sector, Blu-Collab has embraced the art of risk taking. The firm is an outsourced sales and event marketing company that offer tailor-made marketing solutions for their clients. Their face-to-face approach to direct marketing has enabled them to increase brand awareness, customer acquisitions and brand loyalty.

The firm’s young Managing Director, Ryan Caramba-Coker has taken calculated risks throughout his career. He believes that taking the path less travelled has been the key to creating his own success and has ultimately enabled him to work his way up in the industry.

Blu Collab believes that risk taking is an essential component to success and they are now encouraging more young professionals to embrace risk and engage in well-informed risk-taking. In their statement, Blu Collab outlined some of the reasons why taking risks can be beneficial.

Risks result in change - Blu-Collab believes that many entrepreneurs allow themselves to get stuck in a rut, which often leads to professional stagnation. The firm states that risk taking forces change as it opens up different avenues of opportunity.

Risks create a higher standard - Mr Coker explained that risk-taking not only reinvigorates an individual’s perception of a given situation but it also introduces a higher level of standards that need to be maintained. When professionals begin to see the results of their risk taking, it starts to introduce a new standard and helps professionals aspire for excellence.

Risks teach you more about yourself - Blu-Collab believe that risk-taking is, in fact, an expression of individual’s own ideas and desires and they are now making professionals aware of how this can teach them more about how they operate. By taking informed, educated risks, professionals will be able to tap into areas of their skills that they did not know existed.

Mr Caramba-Coker said, “Sometimes we’re too scared to take a risk because we’re afraid of the outcome, but I’d much rather take a chance and have an outcome than not take a risk and never know the outcome.”

Source - https://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/5-reasons-need-take-risk/

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