The millions affected by the coronavirus now have a Hero.

FOR RELEASE ON June 8th, 2020

The WorkHero platform launches to help the millions of unemployed find a job faster.

The employee recommendation platform WorkHero has the mission to help millions of people currently unemployed due to the coronavirus. Job seekers will now be able to add co-worker recommendations directly to their resume to make the process of hiring much faster and easier for hiring managers. 

The platform is targeted to the millions of non-desk employees that work in the manufacturing, construction, food, beverage, and hospitality industries who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. The platform aims to allow these people to very easily and quickly make a resume, add recommendations from friends/colleagues and share them with recruiters and job boards. By adding valuable referrals to the resume recruiters are better able to assess a candidate's ability to perform the job and work as a team. These are very valuable traits that a typical resume cannot convey clearly and in a timely manner. It takes anywhere between 16-46 days for an employee to get hired and this platform can decrease the cost of vacancy, cost of hiring, and increase a hiring manager's productivity.

“A vast majority of that time is spent waiting for past employment recommendations to be collected and processed. Having this information already integrated with your resume will save valuable time for hiring managers and more importantly for those unemployed.” - Arnim Wahls - CEO of Firstbird and Founder of WorkHero

"Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire, compared with employees sourced through career sites." - hrtechnologist

"82% of employers rated employee referrals as generating the best ROI, above all other sources." - Carreerbuilder

WorkHero is launching across three continents in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland the United States, and Australia through local partnerships with job boards and companies looking to help ex-employees transition jobs.

How does it work?

WorkHero humanizes the resume. Job seekers are asked to fill in a very basic profile and work history. Then they invite co-workers to share a personal story about the employee and how they were a hero in their previous job. The result is a pool of personal referrals that tell the story of the individual so an employer can quickly assess the candidate's personal traits for faster hiring.


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The millions affected by the coronavirus now have a Hero.