The Inaugural Oldham Peace Day Lecture

Venue - The Performance Space, Oldham Library, Greaves St, Oldham OL1 1AL

Date and Time - THURSDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2017 6PM

Contact - Richard Outram, Secretary, The Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum – Telephone: 0161 770 4024 | Mobile: 07583 097793

Vijay Mehta is an author and peace activist. He is Chair of Uniting for Peace and founding Trustee of Fortune Forum Charity. The Sunday Times described him as a “longstanding activist for peace, development, human rights and the environment, who along with his daughter Renu Mehta has set a precedent for striving to change the world”

In the inaugural Oldham Peace Day Lecture 2017, Vijay Mehta will explore that the world today is more unstable than the height of the Cold War. Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria have simply not worked and have made the world a more dangerous place. The ‘War on Terror’ has not succeeded and its escalation has displaced more people worldwide now than any time in history.

The rise of populism, nationalism and racism, has resulted in Trumpism, Brexit and formation of the right wing parties across Europe. History is a witness that these were the causes which were instrumental to 1st and 2nd World War in which 100 million people perished. In this turmoil and chaos around the world, Vijay will explore how to counteract the onslaught of the culture of militarism and what actions we need to take for building a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Vijay will also be signing copies of his latest book, ‘Peace Beyond Borders’, and signing the Pledge to Peace.

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