Terrifying Halloween Peeping Tom Props released in UK again! Are they too realistic? Should they be sold in the UK?

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Terrifying Halloween Window Decorations Peeping Tom - Scary Peeper
The frightening Scary Peeper that has scared thousands of people worldwide is now back on sale in the UK and across the EU on Amazon! The question is... are they too realistic and scary to be available for sale?

They are sure to elevate heart rates and cause some serious screaming again this Halloween all over the UK! These Halloween decorations are so scary they come with WARNING labels on them due to their realism!
These evil looking Halloween decorations have been previously removed from store shelves in Canada due to customer complaints about their ghastly likeness to a peeping tom and their realistic human features.

One Amazon consumer described the product by describing how "My cousin was in pure terror" and ran out of the kitchen

The scary Halloween pranks come in different designs and with different features:
- Tapping Peeping Tom or a Tapping Witch that taps on the window whenever someone walks past using motion sensors or it can be set to tap the window every 10 seconds
- Scary Peeper Clown Window Prop for those that have a fear of clowns
- Burglar Prop that has creepy eyes and an intruder like balaclava
- Original Peeping Tom Window decoration that is unbelievably hideous

These are the perfect Halloween prop for scaring family, friends, co-works or even neighbours that you want to scare at Halloween or just to play a prank on.

The Scary Peepers are designed to to simulate a Peeping Tom, or Peeping Witch or Peeping Clown. Simply mount the Halloween prop outside any window with the included line and suction cup and let the fun begin! You can hang these inside your car window and scare passing passengers

Another consumer describes the product on Amazon.co.uk by stating "I swear I've frightened every visitor so far. People have actually shrieked!"

Just promise to scary responsibly!

They retail from £19.99 to £39.99 for the tapping Halloween props on Amazon.co.uk and other Amazon platforms across the EU.

Scary Peepers have previously been seen on the Jonathan Ross Show and reported on in the Daily Mail and the Sun.
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