Super Ninja Acquires Waspinator

News provided by Super Ninja Waspinator UK Ltd on Friday 2nd Feb 2024

Ilkley/Gouda – February 2 2024 – Super Ninja, a leading provider of non-toxic pest control solutions, has acquired Waspinator Ltd, the UK-based company renowned for its innovative wasp prevention product, the Waspinator. The Waspinator deters wasps by mimicking a wasp nest.

Key highlights of the acquisition:

  • Waspinator will complement Super Ninja's existing portfolio of sustainable pest control products, expanding the company's offering and enhancing its ability to protect homes and businesses from wasps without toxins.
  • Super Ninja's distribution network in Europe and Australia will give Waspinator access to a wider customer base.
  • The combined company will benefit from shared expertise to deter pests without chemical agents that are overly used in the pest control category.

“We are thrilled to welcome Waspinator to the Super Ninja family,” said van Vollenhoven, CEO of Super Ninja. “Richard Piddocke, Waspinator’s founder, has built a remarkable company that has established a strong reputation for delivering an effective and environmentally friendly pest solution against wasps. We are excited to leverage Waspinator’s expertise and market position to further strengthen our position in the UK as a leading provider of sustainable pest control solutions.”

Piddocke, who will retire following the acquisition after leading Waspinator for over 15 years, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “I am confident that Super Ninja is the right partner for Waspinator,” he said. “Their strong commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Waspinator’s values. I am excited to see what the joint venture can achieve in the years to come.”

About Waspinator

The Original Waspinator was invented 15 years ago by Richard Piddocke, who was inspired by his own experience with wasps. The Waspinator works by exploiting wasps' territorial instincts. Wasps are highly territorial animals and will fiercely defend their nests from intruders. The Waspinator mimics the appearance of an enemy wasp nest, which causes the wasps to become agitated and avoid the area. This is because wasps perceive the Waspinator as a threat to their colony and will not risk their safety by approaching it. The product has been featured on TV shows like This Morning' TV and BBC Gardeners' World.

About Super Ninja

Super Ninja (trading name of Fruit Fly Ninja B.V., headquarter in Gouda, the Netherlands) is a leading provider of sustainable pest control solutions. The company is committed to using innovative, eco-friendly methods to control pests and protect homes and businesses. Super Ninja’s hero product is the Fruit Fly Ninja, a non-toxic fruit fly trap that mimics the smell of rotting fruit to capture fruit flies. The product is one of the best sold pest control products across the UK and Europe, fueled by bursting nuisance of fruit flies due to the warmer climate.

The combined UK entity will operate under the name Super Ninja Waspinator UK Ltd and will be led by Joost van Vollenhoven, CEO of Super Ninja.

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