Sugar: The only addictive substance marketed and sold to children!

Sugar Awareness Week starts 30th October - the day before Halloween!

Best-selling author and addiction expert Chris Hill, has a very strong message about the addictive properties of sugar. He has helped women suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia, quickly address their conditions and begin recovery through tackling sugar addiction. Sugar is CAUSING most of our health problems. And public awareness should be a number one priority.

Halloween next week! And so begins yet another sugar distribution event hiding behind tradition!

Refined / added sugar is a poison. The only action the body can take to defend itself is to release copious amounts of insulin, turning sugar into fat and storing it. Have you heard of people who are 'Skinny fat?' These are normal weight or underweight individuals whose addiction to sugar means they've forfeited other foods, leaving themselves malnourished and their organs lined with fat.

In clinical tests, sugar hit the pleasure receptors in the brain at eight times the Dopamine 'hit' achieved through Cocaine! Sugar Addiction is real! Only those with a vested interest in the sugar trade would dispute this.

Children aged 5 entering the school system have the highest obesity rate ever recorded.

And yet, NHS messaging continues to talk about sugar being bad for teeth etc without explaining how sugar turns to fat. Fat does not turn to fat - all the latest medical research (see Dr Aseem Malhotra, author of The Pioppi Diet) tells us it is in fact sugar that turns to fat!

The search for sugar 'drives' false food cravings and false hunger signals and DESTROYS the individual's relationship with food. Sugar is causing the obesity crisis!

In the US, preschool children are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (which incidentally, is completely reversible). Is the UK heading that way too?

We have a massive surge in adults diagnosed with pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. We have so little TRUTH in the media and public health services about the harmful effects of sugar.

And we ALLOW retailers and manufacturers to carry on selling and promoting sugar to children unrestricted; encouraged even. In fact, 80-90% of ALL supermarket food contains added sugar!

Research in America points at this being the first generation of adults that may OUTLIVE their children due to obesity.

And what are we doing about it? Where does it end? Halloween? Christmas? Easter? Buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume.

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