Strategic Five Marketing Outline Why They Believe Face-to-Face is the Best Form of Marketing

Over the past five years, Strategic Five Marketing have become a market leading outsourced sales and marketing company in England. The firm insists that face-to-face is the secret to their success and explain why they believe it is the best form of marketing.

Strategic Five Marketing insist that face-to-face is the marketing method companies should choose. In fact, the outsourced sales and marketing firm increased their clients' sales by over 72 per cent in 2014 compared to the previous year. Ben Lambert, Managing Director of Strategic Five Marketing, says: "We are expecting this number to rise further this year." Since the credit crunch in 2007, an increasing number of businesses have decided to outsource their marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and personalise the customer experience. Strategic Five Marketing reveal their three reasons why direct marketing campaigns can help businesses increase sales and return on investment.

About Strategic Five Marketing:

No win no fee

Strategic Five Marketing's clients only pay for actual results. "It is absolutely risk-free for our clients. They only pay for the outsourced service when new customers are obtained," explains Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing. Especially during the financial crisis the trend towards direct marketing had increased due to its cost effectiveness.

Personalised customer experience

By meeting with consumers on a face-to-face basis, sales representatives have the time to build relationships with people. "Our sales force talks with consumers, laughs with them and is there when needed to give advice," explains Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing. The firm's clients can benefit from direct consumer feedback and enhance the customer experience accordingly.

Fast business growth

Direct marketing firms often work with multiple clients and benefit from their low expense and high income that allows them to reinvest in growth faster. Experts predict that the demand for direct marketing campaigns will remain on the rise over the coming years. "This expected fast growth is very positive. Increased customer acquisition will lead to many more customers for businesses on a daily basis and enhance business growth for both direct marketing firms and their clients."

Strategic Five Marketing have expanded into the Liverpool and Reading markets since the opening of their first office in Birmingham in 2010. Ben Lambert explains that the firm is constantly looking for ways to maximise revenue and return on investment for their clients. Strategic Five Marketing are a great example that selling face-to-face has a significant impact on the customer experience, acquisition and revenue. The firm is now looking forward to a successful summer as they expect the warm weather to affect consumer behaviour, which should have a positive impact on their results.

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