Software firm & network of innovative humanitarian service providers partner to create H2H website

New H2H website for expertise-sharing for improved humanitarian response
Software firm & network of innovative humanitarian service providers partner

Launch to coincide with DfID commitment to provide support for H2H members to deliver niche humanitarian services


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Software firm Zapnito and the H2H Network of humanitarian service providers have partnered to launch a new website. The site will enable agencies responsible for assisting and protecting people affected by disasters to be more efficient and effective by more easily finding and accessing expertise and services that can support them.

The H2H Network comprises a number of often small, specialist organisations that offer a range of aid services, from needs assessment to security management. The new H2H Network website is hosted using the Zapnito software and will provide agencies with direct access to H2H’s 50+ network member companies.

The companies will share and showcase their expertise, answer questions from those with a need for their services and work directly with potential service users. Furthermore, the individuals that work for the network organisations and related bodies will use the network as their main communication channel, to collaborate on projects via real-time discussion and private rooms.

The site launches just as the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) have committed support for the delivery of niche humanitarian services by H2H members.

Zapnito CEO, Charles Thiede, said of the partnership: “We’re living in a time when expertise is being dangerously devalued, which is why we’re dedicated to enabling organisations that have valuable expertise to share to do so efficiently and effectively. We couldn’t be more delighted to support such an essential initiative as the H2H Network.”

Judith Burchett, Project Development Manager for the H2H Network, said: “We are hugely excited by the potential of Zapnito’s platform to enable us to better support humanitarian agencies around the world through better communication, easier access to our members and greater understanding of our expertise.”

About Zapnito

Zapnito is the all-in-one platform for organisations looking to create, share and promote expertise. It enables the quick and easy creation of branded hubs of experts and multimedia content and is used to share knowledge, increase audience engagement, foster collaboration and create expert communities.

About H2H Network

H2H is a network of humanitarian service providers united by a powerful common purpose – to enable the humanitarian sector to efficiently and effectively assist and protect people affected by disasters. There are almost 50 organisations in the network, whose services fall into three categories: operational support, capacity building and standard setting & guidance. The network encourages small agencies to collaborate to provide a dependable set of high quality, streamlined services that are inter-operable and make use of each other’s expertise.

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Software firm & network of innovative humanitarian service providers partner to create H2H website