Shnuggle made their TV debut on Dragons’ Den on Sunday 12th February where viewers saw husband and wife Adam and Sinead pitch for investment in front of the fearsome five!

Shnuggle began when Adam and Sinead’s first daughter Rose, was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome and needed a more hygienic sleeping space which led to the couple developing the world’s first modern Moses Basket. The Shnuggle basket is hypoallergenic and easily cleaned and the wickerless design is virtually silent so doesn’t disturb a sleeping baby or parents.

Shnuggle was started in the family garage, but quickly grew meaning that bigger premises and a bigger team were needed. The company now hires 8 people and has offices in Northern Ireland and a warehouse in Great Britain. Sinead and Adam are still at the heart of the business, managing product development and day to day operations, while juggling a busy home life with their 3 children.

“Filming started very, very early and the day was long” said Sinead. “As we weren’t called to film until mid-afternoon, we were worried we may encounter grumpy Dragons. We were really well looked after by staff – who kept us fed and watered and did their best to keep the nerves at bay.”

Adam and Sinead were interviewed before heading upstairs to the Den. They recall noticing the famous clock as they waited for the lift doors to open and realised there would be no backing out at that point, the only way was up!

After what felt like a lifetime of silence, Adam and Sinead delivered their pitch before inviting questions from the dragons. This was when Touker Suleyman asked if he could come and see the products – and without warning, took a run-up and launched himself into ‘Dreami – The Clever Baby Sleeper’ which has been designed as baby’s first bed.

Sinead explains what happened next;

“So, there is a Dragon in our product, lying on the floor with his legs in the air. We were thinking 'Is this actually happening?’ but knew that we had to carry on with the show. The other Dragons were laughing and shouting at us to not help him up. It certainly broke the ice - but we were so surprised that it took all our effort to return focus to the Q&A session.”

The Dragons took turns to grill Adam and Sinead, with Peter being the most challenging by questioning the company valuation, but Adam confidently defended the valuation, which was based on current revenue from successful sales in the UK and exports to over 22 countries.

Nick and Peter both said they didn’t get that customers “love the Shnuggle Story” and declared themselves out.

Deborah commented that the packaging was unclear, but Adam explained that the packages on display were still in development. Deborah went on to say, that she has a series of check boxes that tells her if it’s a good investment, and that we ticked them all – but that she just doesn’t get excited by baby products.

Sarah said the products were aesthetically pleasing but questioned whether they could be easily copied. Thankfully, Shnuggle have a wide range of protection including patents, design registrations and trademarks.

Finally, having recovered from his “Dreami” episode, Touker made an exciting offer, which after the customary walk to the back of the room and a brief negotiation, was accepted.

The feedback that Shnuggle received in the den was very positive, despite the grilling - but then it wouldn’t be Dragon’s Den if it was easy. Following the Dragons Den, Shnuggle have received two more offers of investment and are currently deciding the next steps in their exciting journey.

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Editors notes:

1. All Shnuggle products are vigorously tested to the highest standards and specifications. All Shnuggle baskets and stands, including the Dreami, are fully compliant with the British and European standard; BS EN 1466:2014. This requires the basket and stand to withstand a weight of 38kg for 6 hours with no damage.

2. Sinead and Adam are available for interview and for radio or television appearances regarding their experience in the Den and their story of starting a business while raising a child with learning difficulties.

3. For press enquiries, please contact

4. For investment enquiries, please contact

5. | 028 9181 5169

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