Serums and eye products boom on the men’s skincare market.

It’s been a long known fact that men’s skincare is very much on the rise. Browse the web or open your latest men’s magazine and you won’t have to search long before you’re hit with facts about the grooming boom or your favourite Hollywood celeb sporting the big brands out there on the market. Whether it’s Gerard Butler for L’Oreal Men Expert or David Beckham showing off his latest cologne, the growing power of the male grooming market is clearly there for all to see.

But, truth be told, it’s getting a little bit boring! I don’t know about you, but if I read another article on how men are looking after themselves now more than ever and how ‘social stigma’ breakdown is the root cause behind more men suddenly thinking about what they’re plastering onto their faces, in a bid to look younger, I think I might scream. But wait! What about my stress lines?

Instead, one of the UK’s largest men’s grooming and skincare shops, MaleSkin, have delved a little deeper into the pool of male personal care and highlighted some of the biggest reasons motivating so many of us fellas to swap a bottle of bear for a face pack, after a long and stressful day in the office.

MaleSkin report that the most common facial imperfections men look to quash with skincare products are spots, dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. And guess what? Right on time, men’s skincare brands are duly obliging. Whether it’s MMUK MAN with their luxury range of cosmetics for men, or Nickel offering a fabulous array of spa inspired daily treatments. Battling the bulge and achieving a flawless complexion appears to be very much on us guys radar as we strive to put the best face forward.

But what are men resorting to? With a list of specific male skin care products out there as long as my arm, I wouldn’t hold it against any gent who found himself caught up in a grooming pickle. claim that serums and eye care products are the fastest growing treatments which, yes you’ve guessed it, tie nicely into the broadening spectrum of common imperfections men wish to fight. Boasting over thirty of each product range at their online skin care store, it would be fair to say that men all over the UK are being given the tools to finish the task with the help of the experts.

Whilst men continue to fine tune their grooming demands, coupled with big brands happy to oblige, just how long will it take for the men’s skincare market to draw parallels with the opposite sexes?

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