Revolutionary Tech Removes Germs and Odors From Homes

London (08/ 10/ 19)

Egret is the next generation all natural cleaner and deodorizer. It is a device that kills germs, sterilizes surfaces and removes bad odor using just water and salt. Egret’s founders have miniaturized electrolyzed water technology from the industrial space to create this revolutionary product. Egret’s patented EO technology uses electricity to transform salt and water into two non-toxic cleaning ingredients.

“Egret was designed to replace bleach and other cleaning agents with one device,” said Jacob Xie Founder of Egret. “When creating this product, we were inspired by factory-scale electrolysis technology and converted it for daily home use.”

Consumers spend a considerable amount on to bleach, cleaning products, sterilizers, air fresheners and more for their home. Egret’s all natural formula and various uses can easily replace the multiple toxic traditional cleaning agents used in daily life. Egret is very simple to use and can prepare electrolyzed water in as soon as 60 seconds.

Egret’s next-generation features include:

  • EO Water Technology: Water and Salt can be electrolyzed into hypochlorous acid and OH radical which can kill germs.
  • All Natural Cleaning Agent: Electrolyzed water is 100% nature. It is non-toxic & safe for kids. All eco-friendly
  • Sterilizing and Deodorizing Technology: Hypochlorous acid and OH radicals can kill 99.9% of germs in seconds. It also can remove the bad odors.
  • 30+ Patents and Lab Tests: Egret has more than 30 patents and lab test reports, including 4 invention patents, 6 utility model patents and more than 20 lab test.
  • Full Automatic Sprayer: 0.02mm of tiny spray is ejected from Egret after pressing the electronic pump. Tiny spray can reach a long distance.

Save money, storage space and time by making the switch to Egret.

To be among the first to pledge to this exclusive product, visit the brand’s just launched Indiegogo campaign here.

About Egret

Dr. Xu Kaiqin - Principal Investigator of National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan Dr. Xu is interested in the development of water and wastewater treatment technology, water resource systems planning and management, and the application of remote sensing technology to watershed management. He is now continuing his research on watershed environmental management, and investigating individual environmental technologies.

Professor Li Kuizai - Yonsei University, South Korea Professor Li is a renowned expert in water science technology. As a doctor at the Yousei University Water Engineering laboratory and a member of International Water Association Korea, he has published over 40 thesis on water usage. Li is currently working on a project to promote hydrogen intake for better health and prevention of skin allergy, metabolic syndrome plus other contagious diseases.

Professor Yu - Guohong of Fujian Medical University, China Professor Yu is a medical doctor of Fujian Medical University in Fujian. As a member of the China Health Care Association (CHC) expert committee, Yu has worked for years in the field of environmental and health, specializing in water. His work has helped to improve quality of drinking water and sewage treatment in the Fujian Providence.

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Revolutionary Tech Removes Germs and Odors From Homes