Release the Magic of Karma Karzi®

Ever worried about causing a pong in the loo! Well now there’s no need - Karma Karzi® has come to your rescue

How? - it works by spraying a unique blend of natural essential oils directly into the toilet bowl before you go. The spray creates a blocking layer on the surface of the water, trapping unwanted and unpleasant odours, leaving the bathroom fresh and fragrant (and nobody will ever know!).

What’s more it’s been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, to support UK manufacturing.

Karma Karzi® was launched in September 2016 by Managing Director and Entrepreneur, Andrew Levy of Absolute Clear Solutions Limited.

Asked how he came up with Karma Karzi® Andrew Levy, Managing Director, Absolute Clear Solutions, said

“Having suffered from a bowel condition for several years and being caught in some embarrassing situations, where traditional air care products were not effective enough! I decided I needed to find a solution. So, whilst on the throne one day, whistling to hide any noise, my mind switched to how to mask the smell. I thought about how natural essential oils smelt great, whilst also helping me feel relaxed and calm. I decided I wanted to make sure that whatever product I developed had those properties and then I needed to work out the best way to deliver it. I knew that spraying into the air was not going to work, so decided that spraying directly into the bowl could be the answer and that’s where it all began. Working with an experienced chemist, I developed four fabulous fragrances, in 2 bottle sizes; 60ml for use when you’re out and about and 100ml which is perfect to leave on the bathroom shelf”.

Asked how he hoped Karma Karzi® would help people who suffer bowel conditions, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's and Colitis , Andrew Levy said

“I hope that Karma Karzi will give people the confidence, it has given me, to go to the toilet in any situation.”

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Mr. Andrew Levy, Founder, Karma Karzi and Managing Director, Absolute Clear Solutions Limited:

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Facebook: @karmakarzi

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Absolute Clear Solutions Limited is a family owned, UK manufacturing company, based in the North West of England. They manufacture and market their own range of branded household detergents and cleaning products. They are passionate about creating products that take the hard work out of cleaning. Karma Karzi® is a registered trademark of Absolute Clear Solutions Limited.

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