Redwood Origins Urge Workforce to Actively Fight Negative Thoughts

In a recent statement, sales and marketing specialists Redwood Origins have been warning young professionals of the problems associated with giving into negative thinking, and how focusing on the negatives can significantly impact day to day life.

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This week Redwood Origins have been discussing the concept of rewiring the brain to eradicate negative thoughts, outlining the fact negativity breeds negativity. The firm presented their contractors with research showing how repeated complaining rewires the brain, and makes future complaining more likely. This happens because complaining directly affects an area of the brain critical to problem-solving and intelligent thought.

Most people concede the fact that starting their day on a bad note will inevitably result in the rest of their day being negative, a direct consequence of negative thoughts impacting actions. The firm is keen to avoid this outcome and is helping their collective of hard working professionals attract optimum success and positivity in their lives, by discussing the techniques that help eliminate signs of negative thoughts.

Having outlined several solutions in this week's meetings the company has been encouraging their workforce to do the following whenever they feel the need to complain:

1) Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

This can be achieved by shifting attention to something they are grateful for, taking the time to contemplate and give thanks for an explicitly positive area in their lives. Such exercises have proven to reduce the stress hormone by 23%.

2) Solution-orientated complaining.

When a problem seems unavoidable and truly worth complaining about; professionals should try to instead engage in solution-oriented complaining. Also referred to as 'complaining with a purpose', this can be achieved by addressing the particular issue, visualising what the ideal outcome of the matter would be and ending the complaint on a positive, such as "I would like to resolve this issue to keep this business relationship intact."

As a company, Redwood Origins is eager to teach people to understand how the way they think influences and dictates directly what actions they put into their day to day lives. "This is an important subject to cover with young professionals," said a spokesperson for the firm, "because the more people understand the negative thought process in their brain, the more proactive they can be, taking the necessary steps towards rewriting how their brain processes and reacts to negativity."

Redwood Origins is working with millennials to inspire them to take control of their futures and understand that success is achievable on their terms. Millennials have some excellent skills and redefining the generation means helping them make the most of these skills and adopting a mindset focused on ambition and learning.

The firm help brands to deliver personalised messages to their audience through engaging event marketing campaigns. Creating immersive brand experiences, every customer interaction made through one of their campaigns is unique and leads to greater customer satisfaction and stronger relationships.

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