Redwood Origins Commit to Creating Good Working Habits

Alex Hartley from Redwood Origins claims that the level of success a business achieves has a direct correlation with the business owner’s habits.

Alex Hartley, successful entrepreneur and business owner of Redwood Origins has made a continuous commitment to creating good working habits; these patterns, repeated day in and day out have had one of the biggest impacts on the success of the entrepreneur's journey. This week, the entrepreneur hosted an educational workshop at the Redwood Origin's offices that focus on creating good working habits, to help teach others how to achieve success in the workplace.

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The habits covered in the workshop included:

Set goals - it is important always to have something to work towards, so Redwood Origins teach their workforce to set goals and work hard towards achieving them. Once a goal has been reached, it is important to establish another one to maintain progress.

Be disciplined - Redwood Origins encourage their workforce to stick to habits that will have a positive impact on their productivity and to be disciplined enough to avoid bad habits creeping in.

Maintain a positive attitude - if the day is started with a positive affirmation, then the rest of the day will be productive, say Redwood Origins.

Redwood Origins are regular hosts of workshops for the firm's staff and sales contractors. As a company that is committed to investing in the development and progress of each they work with, they host workshops to help support continued learning and professional development, at the same time encouraging everyone in the team to feel like that are properly equipped with the necessary skills needed to be successful.

As a leading provider in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, Redwood Origins provide their clients with engaging marketing campaigns that deliver personalised messages to consumers. The company focus their business model on using a face to face approach, which has proven to generate a greater level of customer satisfaction and stronger business relationships moving forward.


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