Record Levels Of Searches for Emigration From The UK Reported On Google Trends

As the UK has been divided by a voted on the E.U. by 49% compared to 51% everyone is in agreement with one fact, the UK is going to change and the effects will be felt in every area of live. From trade to number plates showing the E.U symbol.

No one knows what is going to be decided in the years and decades ahead or even if the UK is going to survive in one piece. The reasons for the out vote winning is understandable but that does not change the uncertain future for the UK and E.U citizens living in the UK.

What is certain is that emigration enquiries from the UK to Canada and Australia according to Google trends is the highest in search history for June. Google trends are reporting a spike in "immigration to Australia" and "Immigration to Canada" the leap in enquiries maybe short lived but only time will tell however with desire to reduce immigration from the E.U. by the UK there is every reason to assume this will be a long term trend as the UK removes itself from the E.U.

The graph from Google trends show the dramatic jump in a way words alone could never relay so simply.

On the day of the referendum the E.U past further laws allowing a person who claims asylum in one country free movement across all 28 member states of the E.U making the UK immigration issues even more pronounced and the "jungle" in Calais a thing of the past as there would be no opportunity by the UK to prevent refugees from other member states entering the UK.

Emigration to Canada

Since the vote a huge spike in emigration enquiries to Canada has been trending with the highest density coming from Scotland. There is also a large increase from third country E.U. nationals living in the UK. The issue many not face is that Canadian Emigration systems are strictly regulated and often entry to Canada is much harder than people assumes. For many E.U nationals living in the UK the English test is simply too hard to pass.

Emigration to Australia

The uplift in enquiries to Australia have been just as dramatic as the graph above demonstrates however the spread of enquiries is more evenly spread across the UK. Australia has been often quoted by Boris Johnson as a way to control UK immigration. People who are now looking to emigrate to Australia are often for the first time realising what a strict immigration policy is like and how limited the opportunities to emigrate are. Even if you do qualify to apply for a visa there is a long way to go in proving you are they calibre of person Australia will issue a visa for.

The UK has changed

While the UK is breaking links with the E.U many people are reaching out to the old common wealth for safe harbour from the storm many believe is about to hit the UK and those from overseas who have made it home.

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Record Levels Of Searches for Emigration From The UK Reported On Google Trends