QDAO prepares something special - price to hit new heights?

The QDAO coin is set to receive a boost with the substantial improvements that the development team is planning. The project is getting a new interface, new functionality, its own mobile app and a bank card.

The story behind QDAO coin

The Q DAO Platform was created back in 2019. It enables users to generate various stablecoins (USDQ, JPYQ, etc.) through its collateralization mechanism. In order to issue stablecoins, Bitcoin must be locked into the platform. It’s pretty close to how Maker works but QDAO was the first project to use Collateralized Debt Positions (CDP) for Bitcoin.

QDAO token was developed for governance purposes and to support collateral mechanism interactions. It entitles the holders to fee discounts and participation in the voting process, among other benefits. At its peak, the QDAO price reached $60 but then steadily decreased to its current price of $1.

Over a year ago, Q DAO Project evolved into the QDAO DeFi platform. It offers secure crypto custody along with various services, including crypto deposits and loans. The developers decided to give QDAO a second life by making it the native token of the platform. QDAO now provides several bonus features: lower fees, higher rates and much more.

Today’s QDAO coin

As the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) trend continues to grow bigger, the QDAO DeFi team has no intentions of resting on its laurels. Recently, the company announced a BitGo partnership and new listings for the QDAO coin. There is a lot of brewing in the QDAO ecosystem at the moment and QDAO coin is at the epicenter!

Big plans for QDAO DeFi:

  • A new interface for QDAO DeFi. The developers will soon be presenting their new, intuitive interface for asset management.
  • A borrowing system that’s quick and simple. Users will have the opportunity to borrow crypto assets with ease.
  • A payment card. QDAO DeFi plans to introduce a payment card that will facilitate instant crypto-to-fiat payments and withdrawals, worldwide.
  • QDAO DeFi for iOS and Android. Their user-friendly mobile app will let you stay in control, round-the-clock.
  • A new bonus system with QDAO token. The team is actively developing new incentives for users of the QDAO DeFi ecosystem.

QDAO DeFi’s developers have already announced their plans for 2021. Another interesting and relevant fact is that the QDAO team recently called a global buy-off of QDAO token for $1 each. This strongly suggests they have some plan in place to increase the coin’s price. All these plans described here say that there is potential for QDAO’s price to hit higher marks in the coming weeks or months. Moreover, the Platinum Software Development company (the main QDAO developer) recently announced a QDAO Airdrop.

Final thoughts

QDAO token stitches all the parts of Q DAO Ecosystem together into a monolith! The token has been endowed with greater utility and the products within the ecosystem have become even more solid and functional. QDAO is ready for great achievements!

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QDAO prepares something special - price to hit new heights?