ProteoGenix Doubles R&D Facilities to Pave the Way for Minimal Animal Use in Biologics Development

News provided by ProteoGenix on Thursday 7th Jul 2022

New facilities support the fast growth and expansion of the phage display, antibody development, and bioproduction platforms

Schiltigheim, France: ProteoGenix, a contract research organization specializing in biologics discovery and bioproduction, is pleased to announce the expansion of its offices and R&D facilities in the north of Strasbourg, France. After a fast growth of 50-100% per year in the past three years, the company has relocated within the “Espace Européen de l’Entreprise” (E3), one of the most attractive business parks in Eastern France, and house to 550 companies.

The new facilities double the company’s R&D capacity and accommodate a reformed phage display and mammalian bioproduction research hub, showcasing ProteoGenix’s commitment to reducing time to market while minimizing animal use. In the coming months, the increased capabilities will also create dozens of new biotechnology-related jobs.

“The expansion of our R&D department marks an important milestone towards making biologics development more efficient and less dependent on animal use,” said Dr. Raphaël Hopfner, co-founder and chief scientific officer at ProteoGenix. “Not only will we be able to increase our capabilities in terms of contract services, but we will also do so while expanding our in-house research programs in innovative cell and bioproduction process engineering, phage display development, and antibody sequencing and engineering.”

“Our rapid growth results from our relentless focus on biologics developability and our commitment to innovation,” said Philippe Funfrock, co-founder and CEO of ProteoGenix. “We are excited about the future and look forward to working with our partners to bring better biologics to the market.”

Launched in 2003 and approaching its 20th anniversary, ProteoGenix continues to invest in the development of its phage display platform allied with ultra-high diversity antibody libraries, the establishment of a new antibody next-generation sequencing platform, and the development of scalable bioproduction solutions, from the large to the ultra-small scale.

Recently, the company developed the first COVID-19 human antibody library, created the market’s most diverse nanobody and canine antibody libraries, launched an ultra-high yield and cost-effective transient expression kit (XtenCHO™), and collaborated with Aseem Healthcare and Trident Biopharm Solutions to generate a new broadly neutralizing human antibody cocktail to treat the COVID-19 disease.

About ProteoGenix

ProteoGenix is a France-based biotech contract research organization (CRO) providing flexible end-to-end solutions for the discovery and development of life-saving biologics, precision diagnostic tools, and robust reagents for research. As a global leader in antibody, protein, peptide, and gene production, ProteoGenix aims at fostering the development of next-generation immunotherapies by focusing on developability. For more information, please visit

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ProteoGenix Doubles R&D Facilities to Pave the Way for Minimal Animal Use in Biologics Development

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