ProteoGenix Boosts the Discovery of Next-Generation Biotherapeutics and Diagnostic Tools

News provided by ProteoGenix on Wednesday 1st Jul 2020

ProteoGenix today introduced a new single-domain naïve camelid antibody library (LiAb-VHHMAXTM) designed to accelerate the development of next-generation VHH antibodies for therapy and diagnostics.

“VHH antibodies are a great alternative to conventional antibodies as their specific features and small size allows them to overcome many obstacles,” said Philippe Funfrock, co-founder and President at ProteoGenix. “This new library will support many companies that already have a place for VHH in their product development pipelines.”

VHH antibodies have recently garnered the attention of the scientific community due to their increased stability, ability to target difficult-to-access epitopes, efficient tissue penetration, fast clearance, and ease of engineering into versatile multi-specific formats. All these properties make them ideal candidates for the development of next-generation biotherapeutics and diagnostic tools.

“Our new library combines the diversified immune repertoires of many animals and it remains a rare and unique tool on the market,” said Dr. Ahmed Ghannam, ProteoGenix’s project manager for antibody development.

“The library was built for maximized diversity and it has truly boosted the chances of identifying relevant single-domain VHH molecules”, added Dr. Mathieu Schaff, an antibody development project manager at ProteoGenix. “This unique tool offers our clients the possibility of tapping into the benefits of developing versatile antibodies without relying on time-consuming conventional approaches.”

The new platform, offered by ProteoGenix, gathers the antibody repertoires from over 50 healthy donors from 3 different camelid species (alpacas, camels, and llamas) with a clonal diversity above 1010. The library is also adapted to operate using low antigen quantities and for screening with phage display. The combination of high diversity with the strong screening power of phage display accelerates the discovery of antibodies with tight and specific antigen-binding properties 3x faster than conventional approaches and in a fraction of the cost.

About ProteoGenix – ProteoGenix is a contract research organization and a global leader on peptide, protein, and antibody discovery. ProteoGenix’s mission is to support researchers during the early stages of biotherapeutics and diagnostics development, and vaccine design. For more information on the new single-domain antibody library, please visit the dedicated nanobody production page. For more information on ProteoGenix, please visit

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ProteoGenix Boosts the Discovery of Next-Generation Biotherapeutics and Diagnostic Tools

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