PrescriptBiotics™ is the ‘highly commended’ soil-based probiotic for gut health support

With plenty of probiotics to choose from, searching for credibility can simplify the pick.

Good Health Naturally (GHN), known for its scientifically-sound nutritional supplements and individualised health coaching for a wide range of concerns and diseases, is proud to announce its newly awarded soil-based probiotic. PrescriptBiotics™ contains eight potent probiotic strains that make up a Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™, offering 22 proven benefits and now officially named “highly commended” in the Health & Wellbeing Awards of 2019.

Winning: The awards from Health & Wellbeing magazine recognise the “very best” brands in categories like health, food, fitness, and beauty. Expert panellists judged and tested each product, including renowned nutritionist Rick Hay. GHN’s PrescriptBiotics™ was ranked in the Best Probiotic category as “highly commended” when award winners were revealed in the January 2020 issue, on sale November 28, 2019.

“To say we’re proud would be an understatement,” Robert Redfern, Good Health Naturally founder, nutritionalist, author, and broadcaster, says. “But I also knew we had something really special. I use PrescriptBiotics™ every day and frequently hear back from our customers about positive changes in digestion, allergies, sleep, and weight.”

Since Redfern founded Good Health Naturally in 1987, his natural health company has grown quickly by customer demand. GHN features PrescriptBiotics™ alongside its other innovative and top-selling products, like the HealthPoint™ electro-acupressure device that pioneered natural pain relief and the serrapeptase “miracle” enzyme that Redfern introduced to the internet.

It’s the recent popularity of probiotics that has oversaturated the market, overwhelming customers, Redfern says. “Now people are more selective. They want formulations that live up to their claims.”

Repairing: Today’s antibiotics and anti-germ products have broken down the gut's defence, and replenishing missing microbes is effective. Supported by more than 37 years of research and 700 clinical trials, PrescriptBiotics™’ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ can restore some or all digestive function and also change the gut in over 22 different ways.

Redfern gives two examples: Taking a daily soil-based probiotic may make bones 50-percent stronger and prevent more than 23,000 deaths a year.

“New research shows how probiotics influence not just our guts but the density of our skeletons. Older women supplementing Lactobacillus, an SBO or soil-based organism, have cut their bone loss by half,” Redfern says. “Children and adults also benefit. Supplementing Bifidobacteria, an SBO also found in the guts of breastfed babies, could lower antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) gene levels and address up to 23,000 AMR deaths and 2 million illnesses in a country like the U.S."

Modern choices like drinking coffee and alcohol in excess, consuming animal foods full of antibiotics, eating processed foods, and taking prescription drugs and antibiotics all weaken our gut microbiome. Supplementing SBOs has been shown to strengthen it.

Benefiting: Some of the 22 proven effects of PrescriptBiotics™’ Bio-Identical SBOs include improving bowel function, positively influencing metabolism, secreting protective compounds to nourish struggling cells, triggering natural antibody production, preventing dangerous fungi and bacteria from colonising the gut, and bonding with and flushing toxic heavy metals.

PrescriptBiotics™ works so well because it contains friendly, naturally-occurring, soil-born microorganisms. Cultured in their native ancestral plant matter (a natural prebiotic), along with other friendly strains, these organisms are completely chemical, toxin, and GMO-free. PrescriptBiotics™ is also vegetarian, vegan, child, and pet-friendly.

Unlike yogurt and many over-the-counter probiotic pills, PrescriptBiotics™’ SBOs are an “exact or similar match.” These are the same diverse bacterial species found in primitive guts thousands of years ago —now hardwired into our gut’s memory.

Thriving: Redfern reminds us what PrescriptBiotics™ are not: The potent SBOs are not isolated strains of friendly bacteria extracted from their natural environment, like many other probiotic capsules.

“PrescriptBiotics™’ SBOs also aren’t measured by CFUs,” Redfern says. “CFUs, or Colony Forming Units, are often inaccurately reflected on product packaging and have been proven to have little to do with the efficacy or potency of a probiotic.”

Not only is PrescriptBiotics™ award-winning, but Redfern says its potential is infinite. Since PrescriptBiotics™’ SBOs are dormant, intact, and alive in every capsule, when taken with water or juice, the organisms are activated. Then the beneficial bugs start to behave like they do in nature: surviving the harsh digestive tract, banding together in the gut, and beginning to multiply rapidly.

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About Good Health Naturally

Good Health Naturally was founded in 1987 by Robert Redfern after the premature death of both his parents in their early sixties, with the principle of improving the health and wellbeing of people’s lives through nutrition, supplements, vitamins, and minerals, as well as raising awareness about the benefits of using natural solutions. As a leading health solution provider, Good Health Naturally only uses the highest-grade, certified ingredients of the purest quality and never uses low-quality, cheap fillers, as many other suppliers do. GHN ingredients are clinically proven, supported by studies, extensively researched, and manufactured to the highest-quality standards.


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