GHN’s new ‘highly bioavailable’ liposomal vitamin C has life-saving potential

Natural liposomes vs. Vit C powders? Nutritionalist says it’s ‘no contest’

Good Health Naturally, the trusted supplement brand known for introducing the anti-inflammatory serrapeptase enzyme to the worldwide market, has just launched its new vitamin C formulation CureC™.

CureC™ uses a liposomal delivery method to enhance absorption and improve the health results for customers. Using liposomes – tiny fat bubbles – overcomes the common problem of losing vitamin C through digestion, as liposomes are able to permeate the phospholipid membrane of the cell and increase blood concentrations far quicker compared to eating vitamin C rich food or taking tablets/powders.

Robert Redfern, the internationally known nutritionalist, author, and broadcaster who founded Good Health Naturally in 1987, explains that, for most people, eating steamed broccoli, mixing up vitamin C powders, or taking vitamin C tablets isn’t nearly enough to meet daily requirements. “Cooked and processed foods lose up to 90 percent of their vitamin C,” he says.

Robert Redfern Says:

Processing and cooking food destroy nutrients, especially optimal levels of vitamin C. Over the last fifty years, vitamins and minerals in crops have also been rapidly depleted. And, only a small percentage of people are eating the recommended amount of fruits and veggies each day. Low vitamin C levels may impair heart health, blood pressure balance, immunity, collagen production, brain function, and foetal development.

Whilst most people are opting to supplement vitamin C, not all products on the market are created equal. Whilst researching for his new product, Redfern saw what these products were lacking: Absorption. Vitamin C is one of the few nutrients the body can — and should — absorb in high doses.

“The vitamin C powders and tablets lost in the digestive tract are a waste of money, and of good health,” Redfern says. “While IV vitamin C has the highest potency, it’s only practical for Clinical use. Good Health Naturally CureC™, made with liposomal vitamin C and combined with the flavonoid quercetin for added anti-inflammatory effects, is the closest to this medical standard we can use at home.”

This is another thing the typical vitamin C supplement is lacking: quercetin. Redfern handpicked quercetin as CureC™’s key supporting nutrient because of its standalone abilities. Combined with liposomal vitamin C, quercetin’s proven properties – able to neutralise free radicals, calm inflammation, fight allergies, help chelate heavy metals, balance blood pressure, and more – only add to vitamin C’s effects.

Quercetin is the phytonutrient found in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and dark leafy greens. Like vitamin C, it’s hard, and often impossible, to absorb enough through diet alone. Quercetin is a known antihistamine and supplementing it may help relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies, as well as supporting other respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis. Increasing levels of this flavonoid also shows great promise for aggressive cell disruption. Quercetin can support prostate health and may prevent neurodegenerative decline related to the brain.

Considered cheap and convenient, vitamin C tablets can actually take several hours to absorb. This is because over-the-counter vitamin C doesn’t utilise the body’s natural form of delivery.

In contrast, the liposomal vitamin C and quercetin in CureC™ are encapsulated in a phospholipid, making absorption far quicker and superior. These liposomes are able to permeate the phospholipid membrane found in human cells, making it easily recognised, transported and utilised by the body. Research also shows that without the right delivery vehicle quercetin is poorly absorbed, and is thereby much more bioavailable when added to a liposomal product.

Because of its highly bioavailable delivery system, CureC™ liposomes can increase circulating concentrations more than unencapsulated oral vitamin C. Good Health Naturally’s new CureC™ can absorb much faster, without any of the side effects associated with over-the-counter vitamin C supplements. Redfern says, “There’s really no contest.”

“The latest research shows that helping our body absorb more vitamin C could actually save lives,” says Redfern. “Giving septic patients a vitamin C infusion has cut down hospital stays by as much as one week. Taking high-dose vitamin C liposomes at home not only helps the product last longer, cutting costs, but for someone with allergies, low energy, osteoporosis, or even cells needing extra support, there are now new possibilities.”

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