Power to the People!

Power to the People!

May 8, 2020. New My Direct Democracy App to put political power back in the hands of the people by letting them vote on every bill before Parliament and give their view on the hot questions which affect us all, including those which we don’t always feel comfortable talking about in public.

The free app claims to be so anonymous that they don’t even want any information which could be used to identify you, just some basic data which can be used to send to your MP.

Founder and CEO, Peter Widdows, said “direct democracy is a way of involving the people in decisions which affect their lives. While we don’t have any legal authority to demand politicians follow our vote, if enough people download the app and vote, it will be hard for them to ignore – politics is a game of popularity after all and if 70% of the voters in a constituency vote one way, it would be hard for an MP to justify voting another, even if the party whips suggest otherwise.”

As well as every bill before Parliament, users will be asked to vote on questions from topics ranging from transgender rights to climate change policy. Widdows said “some of the questions are about issues most of us feel uncomfortable airing in public, thus our strict anonymity policy. But they are topics which politicians need to understand the level of support for before making policy decisions.”

The free App is available now on both Apple and Android platforms through the App store and Google Play.

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Power to the People!