Platinum Software Development Company turns Noah Project into a developed ecosystem less a year - what's next?

After one year, Platinum Software Development Company sums up the year's results for Noah Project and Noah City’s development. The size of the first decentralized state’s citizenship has exceeded 3,000 people and the project community has grown to beyond 30,000. Noah Blockchain recorded 4.6 billion transactions with 33,000 of active users.

About a year ago, Platinum Software Development Company launched the mainnet of the new Noah Project blockchain, swapping outdated NOAH tokens for a new version - NOAH.Platinum (NOAHP). This was the beginning of a new project.

One of the Noah Project's main products is Noah City - the first decentralized state built on the blockchain. Noah City is run by its citizens, who have absolute voting power. Blockchain voting is used to govern the state. Noah citizens independently decide what changes are required for the sustainable development of Noah City, while the blockchain guarantees transparency.

A distinctive feature of Noah City is that the state pays taxes to its citizens, not vice versa. Citizens receive a portion of all the income generated by Noah City and the amount shared depends on the status of each particular person. There are 6 levels of citizenship in the Noah City hierarchy:

  • Green Card
  • Standard Citizen
  • Patriot Citizen
  • Privileged Citizen
  • Congressman
  • Senator

Noah citizens receive different bonuses and benefits, depending on their status - increased voting power, more profit, better conditions for using integrated services (e.g., QDAO DeFi), a free VISA card for convenient use of cryptocurrencies in the real-world, etc.

In addition to Noah City itself, the Platinum Software Development team has paid particular attention to creating a thoughtful and user-friendly interface for using all Noah Project’s features. Noah Custody Wallet has become a comprehensive solution. Its functionality is as diverse as it can possibly be and even a person far removed from the IT world can use all its features with ease.

Noah Custody Wallet includes:

  1. The opportunity to become a Delegator. Noah Blockchain uses the DPoS consensus algorithm, which requires the community’s active participation in maintaining the stability of the blockchain. Delegation is an opportunity to make the blockchain better and earn passively without transferring ownership of assets.
  2. Effectively manage crypto assets. It’s one of the main features of Noah Custody Wallet. Users can hold, transfer, and withdraw their crypto assets with ease.
  3. The use of QDAO DeFi's deposit products. QDAO DeFi is another unique product developed by the Platinum team. This is a comprehensive decentralized finance (DeFi) solution for passive earnings on cryptocurrency deposits. The service is integrated with Noah Custody Wallet and Noah citizens receive special benefits.
  4. Ability to bequeath assets. Noah Heritage is a feature that allows users to pass on their digital assets to others as an inheritance, avoiding the need to pay taxes at the time of transfer.
  5. Bounty and loyalty programs. Noah community members can always earn extra money by completing simple tasks. This also helps users gain points, which consequently affects their position on the Leaderboard and their eligibility for receiving awards.
  6. Educational section. Users can find all the updates, useful guides, articles, and tutorials on the main page of Noah Custody Wallet.

And much more!

The Platinum Software Development team is also actively improving Noah Payment Cards - a convenient bridge between the digital and real world. It allows for the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for daily needs. It’s easy to do with instant top-ups and low fees.

However, the main feature of Noah Custody Wallet is Voting rights. Each member of the Noah community has the power to influence the project's development vector. All it takes is for the community to create a vote, collect the required number of voices and the changes will be implemented, regardless of the developers' original vision. The power in Noah Project and Noah City belongs to the community.

The establishment of a successful transborder project is the main goal of the Platinum Software Development Company regarding Noah Project’s development. And, it is worth noting, so far the company has managed to achieve this goal. The Noah ecosystem in its current form is able to interest crypto enthusiasts and ordinary users not only in Japan but also far beyond her borders.

You can always find all the project updates first-hand, just follow these links:

Noah City - official website

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:

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