Platinum Software Development Company to collaborate with Hacken

Platinum Software Development Company and Hacken, two blockchain and crypto-related companies, have decided to collaborate, on introducing new services and improving the existing cryptosecurity ecosystem.

With the growing demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, the vulnerability of codes remains a major problem for the entire industry. In order to resist hacking attempts and attacks, well-established developers and cybersecurity companies are uniting their efforts and sharing their expertise. Hacken and Platinum are no exceptions: the big players of the blockchain industry have proudly announced their collaboration, stating that they aim to deliver top-notch cryptosecurity practices.

“We are well aware that without proper security measures, even the most promising projects might face unpredictable technical issues. The Platinum team pays the utmost attention to crypto asset protection and the quality of smart contracts underlying our customers’ projects. We have chosen Hacken for this collaboration because they are the leader of the European cybersecurity market. They have a profound understanding of the latest crypto security practices and all existing vulnerabilities. With our experience and ideas united, we can come up with outstanding security solutionsб” says Bogdan Khomenko, Platinum co-founder.

Together on the way to perfection

The collaboration between Platinum and Hacken opens new horizons for both companies. By exchanging experience and knowledge, they plan to develop new security practices and software testing strategies. With their expertise and efforts combined, they can boost the quality of smart contract audits and define how to resist common hacking-related problems.

Also, Platinum will list Hacken on a brand new platform - It will become the largest aggregator for DeFi and crypto projects, serving as a bridge between Western platforms and Asian crypto enthusiasts. 168pools will provide a large set of analytical instruments and detailed information about platforms, including current APY rates and APY predictions. This is the ultimate tool for all DeFi and blockchain-related projects that require relevant and reliable data for developing informed strategies.

About Hacken

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken is a part of Hacken Group, which incorporates such companies as, HackenAI and HackenProof. They provide a comprehensive range of crypto-security services, including smart contract auditing, certificate issuing, testing of web and mobile applications, DDoS resistance testing, and social engineering.

About Platinum Software Development Company

Platinum Software Development Company develops DeFi and blockchain software solutions for international customers. Being at the forefront of the blockchain engineering industry, it has helped dozens of blockchain and crypto platforms, including Noah Coin, Asian Bank, QDAO, SwissBurg, FundRequest, and many others. With over 200 people in their team, Platinum offers a whole array of blockchain development services along with IT consulting and software testing.

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