Platinum Software Development Company to bring Noah City into the real world

The Noah Project’s global vote to decide Noah City’s future is complete - the first decentralized state now moves into a new stage of development.

The global mission of the Noah Project development team is to make Noah City a truly decentralized state, where every citizen can experience pure democracy through a fully transparent voting system, redistributed wealth, and fair laws. It has been almost a year since the story of Noah City began. Now, the first decentralized state has over 3,000 Noah citizens and this number is on the increase.

One of the main benefits that Noah citizens enjoy is the chance to affect the Noah City development process by participating in the voting system. Citizens have the right to put any idea to a vote. If it gets enough votes, the development team will implement it, regardless of their original vision. At the same time, voting results cannot be changed, since all information is recorded in the blockchain. So the power is in Noah citizens' hands.

More recently, a global vote on the future of Noah City was held. Citizens decided on the trajectory of Noah City’s future development. Initially, 8 options were available with the 3 most popular ending up on the final shortlist before the main round of voting. 

These were:

  • Land Purchase
  • Digital City
  • Island Purchase

Platinum Software Development Company prepared detailed presentations for each of the alternatives. The team worked out the possible options for acquiring land as well as the financial models and calculated the costs of each alternative.

54% of Noah citizens voted for the Land Purchase option. This solution allows Noah City to not only be a decentralized state in digital space but also now in the physical environment. Thus, Noah City is about to become the first financial and economic experiment of its kind, opening a door for society to come into new cultural and social formations.

Just imagine all the prospects that Noah City can introduce to modern society by tightly integrating digital services with physical ones. Here is what a representative of Platinum Software Development Company said about the choice made by Noah Citizens:

"Land Purchase is an option that opens up incredible prospects! We are excited because this is a completely different scale of development and responsibility. Our team is happy to be honored with the task of transforming Noah City from a purely digital existence to a real one. We are already working on the implementation of the Land Purchase option, though we have huge amounts of work ahead!"

The Platinum Software Development Company engineers have already created an efficient ecosystem, within which Noah citizens receive many benefits. The team plans to create a complex infrastructure and link all its services to the main Noah City blockchain.

At the moment, Noah citizens don’t pay taxes but receive a portion of all the revenue generated inside Noah City. This approach to a state structure is revolutionary. After the Land Purchase option implementation, citizens will also receive a share of the income made by the physically decentralized state. Noah City is a project whose development is very interesting to watch!

You can always find all the project updates first-hand, just follow these links:

Noah City - official website - Noah City blog

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:

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