Platinum Software Development Company starts creating Uniswap-like protocols

Platinum Software Development Company has proudly introduced a new service for businesses in search of DeFi solutions. Now, customers can order the creation of a Uniswap-like protocol with customized functionality and a sound tokenomics model.

DeFi is the key to success

Modern entrepreneurs are becoming aware of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions’ potential. Luckily, they don’t need to hire an entire Dev team to introduce a decentralized application. Platinum Software Development Company provides a decent array of DeFi-related services and has recently introduced a new one: the creation of Uniswap-like protocols. Customers can order a customized protocol built in the shortest time frames.

“It’s not enough to offer a bundle of traditional financial services to stay afloat - all self-respecting FinTech companies should follow trends and DeFi is in-demand like never before. Now, our customers can leverage a native cryptocurrency and allow their audience to manage their cryptocurrency funds without possessing much technical knowledge - a basic Uniswap-like protocol is the key to flawless DeFi adoption. Thanks to our rich experience and competence in the DeFi industry, our team creates such protocols in the shortest time possible” - says the Dev team.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized finance service that leverages proof-of-concept and Router Contract for swapping and storing Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Connecting with browser Ethereum wallets, it enables crypto deposits in what is known as liquidity pools. Uniswap users can deposit their ERC-20 tokens in the pools to earn interest and share 0.3% of the platform’s transaction fee as a reward.

Uniswap has quickly become one of the major platforms for crypto deposits and swapping. So far, its liquidity pools count locked deposits worth over $2.1 billion, which makes it the leader in the DeFi market.

What makes Uniswap widely adopted is its open-source Ethereum-based contract. Other DeFi market players can use this code as a foundation and implement their own tokens with tailored tokenomics as well as their own admin. revenue share models. That’s exactly what the Platinum Development Software Company does.

How to order a Uniswap-like contract

Platinum Software Development Company creates contracts on the basis of Uniswap, with full functionality as well as refined and completely tailored algorithms that meet clients’ requirements. Reward distribution models, tokenomics, user and admin. functionality - all aspects are bespoke, enabling proprietary dApp or platform creation.

If you want to order a customized protocol like Uniswap with full functionality and developed token distribution logic, contact the Platinum DeFi development team.

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