Platinum Software Development Company personalities victimized by fraudsters.

The DeFi scam project has covered itself up with the faces of Platinum Software Development Company founders and managers. The scammers posted their photos on their website’s landing page. is another low-quality scam project that is trying to get a portion of fame and easy money on the wave of hype around DeFi services. Apparently now, it is not enough for scammers to simply create a website with the promise of mountains of gold. They’ve decided to use the excellent reputation of well-known personalities in the crypto industry to attract more clients.

The victims of the fraud are the co-founders of Platinum Software Development Company, as well as the top manager of the company. Their portraits are being used at the bottom of the project's scam website as team members.

Platinum Software Development Company is officially stating that it has nothing to do with The faces of their employees were used illegally, without any request or permission from the direct owners. The company strongly recommends refraining from investing in this scam project.

A company representative commented on the situation as follows:

"This is a blatant case of ignorance and disrespect. is yet another scam project, a parasite feeding on the achievements of others. Using someone else's reputation to cover up your own fraudulent intentions is low! We will do our best to ensure that the scammers for this project are dealt with."

Platinum Software Development Company will seek justice for the misuse of the personal data of its employees, as well as for the damage to their reputation. Let's repeat this once again: is a scam project which Platinum Software Development Company has nothing to do with. Be aware!

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Platinum Software Development Company personalities victimized by fraudsters.