Phoenix Event Marketing Asks: Do You have the X Factor in Business?

With the hugely successful talent show returning for its 13th series, Phoenix Event Marketing has reviewed the lessons ambitious business professionals can learn from the X Factor.

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It’s been pretty difficult to ignore this year’s return of ITV’s leading talent show, the X Factor, which hit screens earlier this month with the hope of finding the UK’s next big recording artist. However, amid months of rumours of who would be on the infamous judging panel, and who would replace last year’s presenters, fans could be easily forgiven for forgetting the true purpose of the show – to find someone who possesses that rare and precious ‘X Factor’.

The X Factor is defined as a noteworthy talent or quality that makes someone special – allowing them to stand out from the crowd. In the entertainment industry this denotes popularity; however in the business environment, having the X Factor can make the difference between long-term success or failure.

Phoenix Event Marketing, a Southampton-based outsourced sales and marketing firm believes that all professionals need to possess their own unique X Factor to succeed in business. This means focusing on their strengths and analysing how they can add value to their industry and stand out from the competition. As well as possessing their own ‘X Factor’ Phoenix Event Marketing believe that professionals can learn a lot about what it takes to be successful from the ITV show. Here the firm has outlined the key lessons for success from the ‘X Factor’

1. It takes hard work

There is no doubt when watching the series in its entirety that success is dependent on hard work and effort. Contestants often travel miles for auditions and end up waiting around for their chance to shine for hours. Moving through the competition, they are subjected to constant early starts, relentless travel schedules, hours of training and coaching and complete disruption to their day to day lives. And whilst this might be hard work doing things that they love, the show proves that success does not happen by accident.

2. Desire

On the show, fans will be all too aware of the importance of contestants really ‘wanting it’. All too often contestants can put in a technically flawless performance, only for the judges to turn them down for not being believable. Without fail, the contestants who make the biggest impact are the ones with a real, deep-rooted, unwavering desire. This desire not only draws the audience’s attention but has the ability to persuade the judges to support them. As professionals, the strongest tool in their armoury is true desire as it creates enthusiasm and helps generate support.

3. Focus on the Now

Contestants can drive themselves mad worrying about the future, will the public like them and support them during the finals? Will their first single be successful? Whilst it’s great to have a vision, worrying about the distant future can destroy a person’s confidence and hold them back from success. Instead, it’s important to remain focused on the very next step. In business, it’s great to have ambition and dreams but these should only be utilised as a source of motivation and not a reason to stop doing the work that needs to be done in the present moment.

In their own industry, Phoenix Event Marketing is always on the lookout for people with the business ‘X factor’ and a desire to build a bright future within the sales and marketing industry.

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