PerDM Prepared for Changes to EU Data Protection Rules

PerDM has updated its data protection policy in line with the EU’s proposed Data Protection Regulation. The outsourced field marketing and sales firm expects increased demand for its services once the new regulations are implemented.

The European General Data Protection Regulation represents the most significant change to data protection in the UK and EU since 1995. Once adopted, it will have the force of law across all 27 EU states, giving uniformity of data protection laws across all member states and significantly increasing penalties for non-compliance. PerDM reports that the regulations will include the right to ‘opt-in’ to marketing such as direct mail, the restriction of consumer profiling and data collection, and the ‘right to be forgotten’ whereby individuals can request the deletion of their personal data from a company’s records. Fines for a serious breach of the regulations can be from €250,000 - €1,000,000 or 2% of global turnover.

About PerDM:

PerDM reports that their data storage and reporting processes are up to date, and that their new strategy will cover the sections of the Data Protection Regulation the ‘right to be forgotten’, the ‘right to erasure’, and the ‘right to data portability’. A strategy has been drafted which covers topics such as data classification, retention, collection, destruction, storage and search. PerDM’s data policy covers all mechanisms by which data is collected, including via iPads at the point of sale, via 3rd party call centres and paper records.

PerDM anticipates that the new regulations will further increase demand for their field marketing services. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has expressed concern that the new regulations will restrict marketers from practices such as data collection and consumer profiling, making targeted advertising much more difficult. The DMA forecasts a cost to UK businesses of £47 billion in lost sales and regulatory costs. As the proposed legislation makes few references to face to face sales and field marketing, PerDM expects increased demand as businesses are forced to look at different methods of customer acquisition. Ian Attwood, Director at PerDM explains: “We see such changes even more prohibitive for data mining and this further restricts traditional channels such as direct mail, email solicitation and outbound telesales. With fewer marketing options at disposal, the profile of direct customer acquisition, in particular face to face, will rise even more. Face to face customer interaction already provides a stronger ROI than many traditional forms of marketing and this will only increase as further restrictions and costs are laid at the door of traditional marketers.”

Founded in the UK in 2005, PerDM provides outsourced field marketing services for clients in the telecommunications, finance, charity and entertainment industries.


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PerDM Prepared for Changes to EU Data Protection Rules