PerDM Delivers Global Marketing Reach By Utilising Local Talent

PerDM reports that the use of talent in local markets has been instrumental to the firm’s development of a global marketing strategy. The field marketing agency was established in the UK in 2005 and has since expanded throughout Europe and North America.

PerDM provides clients with nationwide and international reach at a local level with the use of satellite offices in each local market recruiting local people with local knowledge. Director Ian Attwood discloses that development of the company in overseas markets would have been ‘near impossible’ without the aid of local, ‘on the ground’ sales forces. “Field marketing is an intrinsically personal experience as it involves dealing with customers on a one-to-one or small group basis,” says Ian Attwood, Director of PerDM. “The potential disadvantage of doing business overseas is that we can often miss out on cultural nuances and customs that are second nature to a local person. The local sales force enables us to build rapport and trust much faster than if we were solely relying on UK talent.”

PerDM reports that overseas expansion by UK firms is on the increase. The Office of National Statistics’ 2012 report ‘Foreign Direct Investment Involving UK Companies’ revealed that 2011 overseas investments by UK companies grew to £68.2 billion, the highest level since 2008. More recently, HM Revenue & Customs reported an increase in UK exports of £0.2 billion between September 2012 and August 2013; however the UK trade gap between imports and exports is still the largest on record at 42.1%. PerDM Director Ian Attwood recommends the use of local sales and customer service representatives in new markets in order to maximize growth opportunities. “The value of local knowledge cannot be overstated. In addition to the language and cultural benefits, local representatives bring in their own networks of contacts who may become future customers, allowing us to tap a resource that could otherwise be unattainable,” says Ian Attwood, Director of PerDM.

The quality of the marketing service provided by PerDM, and the firm’s knowledge of extensive markets is due to strong network of contacts ‘on the ground’ through local sales forces. PerDM also cites the importance of ‘giving back’ to local communities by providing jobs and opportunities to local communities. As highlighted in Richard Branson’s Entrepreneur article ‘Community Building to Grow Your Business’, brands with a strong local presence stand out in a crowded marketplace. PerDM Director Ian Attwood suggests that local community involvement may contribute to lessening the UK’s trade gap. “The strategy of global reach through local solutions could raise the profile of UK trade overseas. If UK businesses demonstrate a positive presence in international markets, there will be more incentive for foreign investment in the UK,” says Ian Attwood, Director of PerDM.

PerDM is a field marketing agency specialising in B2B and B2C client representation, working with firms in the telecommunications, finance, non-profit, entertainment and cosmetics industries.


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PerDM Delivers Global Marketing Reach By Utilising Local Talent