Penmex Reviews Three Components That Shape Your Character

Direct marketing firm Penmex explores how people, the media and habits can develop personal character and determine success.

Sales and marketing specialists Penmex are often confronted by their mentees on how to be more successful across business and personal lives. The firm is confident that the key to success is developing three components that make up an individual’s character. Here, character refers to the person who is left behind when the spotlight is off, as what makes a person who they are is what happens when no-one is watching.

About Penmex:

The firm believes a person's character is the measure of their ability to be successful. Here, Penmex explores the three components that shape character:

The input we consume. At Penmex, they look to encourage independent contractors to take in positive information, whether that be reading an educational book, watching a motivational movie, or attending a seminar that will reflect personal goals. It is important to avoid taking in too much garbage TV or gossip from magazines as it has been proven to be detrimental to personal development.

The relationships we pursue. Well-known public figure Jim Rohn was quoted as saying 'you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,' and for this reason, it is crucial to success that people carefully select their closest associates. For those looking to achieve success in their career, Penmex recommends spending time with those who have achieved similar goals or are on a similar journey to maximise their potential.

The habits we acquire. Often in life actions speak louder than words, and it is important to practice what we preach. It is necessary to develop conscious positive thoughts, so they become positive actions. Successful people in life will look for positivity in the face of adversity and look to cultivate healthy relationships. Penmex believes that it is good practice to associate with people who possess similar traits to those an individual is attempting to develop.

Penmex is a direct sales and marketing company based in Edinburgh. Their secret to success is the ability to personalise the consumer experience. Offering a face to face solution for brands both big and small across Scotland, the firm is unique in their capacity to provide a guaranteed ROI, therefore reducing any anxiety for new clients looking to venture into face to face promotions. When communicating with their client’s customer base, it is crucial to offer effective communication on all levels.

Penmex is keen to develop Edinburgh’s next generation of entrepreneurs. They offer their mentoring services through voluntary in-house workshops for those looking to get ahead in the sales and marketing industry. The firm's independent contractors are passionate about becoming well-rounded representatives and enjoy the opportunity to add to their ever growing personal skillset.


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