Penmex Ltd reveal the three components of mental strength

As a company that encourages entrepreneurship, Edinburgh-based Penmex Ltd recognises that developing good mental strength is imperative.

About Penmex Ltd:

When considering a person’s mental health, there are three most important aspects to consider; emotion, mental strength and confidence. Each factor is seen as fundamental to developing drive and resilience. Penmex is a keen supporter of entrepreneurship and looks to encourage skills that will improve overall mental health in aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Emotion – Understanding how to identify emotions accurately will improve a person’s ability to maintain control over decision making and improve performance. In business, it is vital during prospective appointments to understand feelings that could affect body language and the ability to make critical decisions. Individuals with good mental strength can easily address emotions and understand the impact they may have on an ability to make good quality decisions.

2. Confidence – With the average human reported to have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts in a 24-hour period, within these decisions a person is determining their self-confidence level. Each idea will build an overall image of self-worth. Individuals who demonstrate positive mental health will be able to recognise mistakes and understand they are a fundamental part of personal development, rather than dwell on a negative feeling and internalise the thoughts.

To improve confidence, it takes a conscious effort to control internal thoughts and train the brain to develop strategies to win. Over time the brain will become automated towards seeking the positives in a situation.

3. Behaviour – Entrepreneurs need to be productive at all times. Ensuring that behaviours are unaffected by external influence is a characteristic of a mentally strong person. Understanding personal responsibilities is a vital part of personal development and being able to dust off failures is a sign of good mental strength. It is also important to understand some projects are destined for failure, in these circumstances, it is important to know when to walk away and channel energy into a project that will offer a greater return.

Penmex is committed to developing strong entrepreneurs, and the firm holds daily workshops centred around enhancing existing skills and providing additional insights to alternative approaches in business.

Penmex, a Scotland-based marketing company, was established in response to an ever-growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions. The firm specialises in below line customer acquisition by providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made marketing solutions. The company has expanded their market reach over the last 12 months and is committed to further expansions in 2017.

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Penmex Ltd reveal the three components of mental strength