Master the 4 cornerstones of achievement to achieve success claims Penmex

People often question the secret to success, and Penmex believes it comes down to four cornerstones. Here, the sales and marketing experts have shared the 4 cornerstones of achievement that lead to success.

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Often in business, there will be talkers and doers, those who achieve their goals will have developed four strong cornerstones of success. Penmex, a successful sales and marketing firm, are keen to reveal how to master the four cornerstones of achievement to maximise opportunities in business.

1. Desire – People must want to succeed in their chosen field. By taking the time to choose a destination, it will improve the likelihood of finding success say Penmex. Understanding personal values and purpose takes time, and optimising experiences will allow an individual to gather an understanding of their passion and exactly how to identify areas of personal desire. Once this has been determined, it will become easier to find the intrinsic motivation needed to overcome obstacles along the way. Kirsty Pennal Managing Director of Penmex advises answering these three questions to determine where desire lies.

“Who do I want to be in life?”

“What is it I want my life to stand for?”

“What is it I desire to go after?”

2. Direction – It makes perfect sense to set out a route to the desired destination. This plan allows individuals to understand what will be required to achieve the goal. It also allows for mini checkpoints to be determined and offers motivation throughout the journey.

3. Discipline – The discipline to be consistent is the key throughout this cornerstone. Consistency affords the individual to project how long a project will take, or the input to guarantee the output. Penmex is confident this is one of the most important foundations to achieve as it requires continual focus and effort. The firm encourages their contractors to tailor the four below statements to reflect their consistent areas.

“Every day I’m going to study these things.”

“Every day I’m going to try these things.”

“Every day I’m going to ask these types of questions.”

“Every day I’m going to try to be this type of person.”

4. Distraction Radar – Distractions are present everywhere, it is a matter of acknowledging them and understanding why they are going to hinder progression and choosing which is more important. Throughout life, the average person will watch four hours of TV a day, and this amounts to 13 years throughout a lifetime. With that statistic in mind, it becomes easier to see why people struggle to achieve their life goals if they can’t break away from distractions.

Penmex is confident once these four cornerstones are mastered, achieving goals will be much easier.

Penmex were established in response to an ever-growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions. The firm specialises in below line customer acquisition by providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made marketing solutions.



Penmex were established in response to an ever growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions, as recent research has suggested that consumers are experiencing brand fatigue as a result of repeated exposure to above-the-line marketing. Follow on Twitter @PenmexEdn or on Facebook.

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Master the 4 cornerstones of achievement to achieve success claims Penmex